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Jett Black

Jett Black

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With his perfectly toned body and piercing blue eyes, Jett Black is sure to inspire anyone he's around. That's because Jett's an artist himself -- he loves to perform in front of people. He's a very passionate guy with the ability to express himself to the very core, with a certain raw energy that comes out particularly when he's on camera. Sexually, Jett's the very definition of versatile. He can be an aggressive and domineering top or a gentle bottom, and has no problem taking big cocks. He's also very spontaneous and has had sex in public quite a few times, but at heart, Jett's a very romantic guy and loves to unleash his intimate side in front of the camera the most!

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Ryo on 03/09/2013 Jett's a great addition to cockyboys with his earnest enjoyment of all things cock related and his fantastically limber body. Can't wait to see more of him... Pierre on 11/27/2015 I am so proud that Jet is a French Canadian. He is so incredibly sexy and sensual. Gorgeous face, Gorgeous body. Overall on beautiful young man Ankhneferti on 11/30/2016 Whan I see Jett Black, Immediately, I think of Le Vicomte de Valmont in Les liaisons dangereuses of Choderlos de Laclos. He has this face like an angel who hides Evil... I love that :) RedRyder on 12/10/2016 I NEED more Jett!!! I would love to see him with the HOT Ashton Sommers RedRyder on 12/10/2016 I NEED more Jett!!!

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