Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol

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Kevin Warhol is a foreign import from our model exchange program with Bel Ami Online. With his blond hair, blue eyes, and bright smile, you'd never know he comes from a troubled past and has lived alone since the age of 15. His neck tattoo is an expression of his strength and willpower, however, and Bel Ami CEO George Duroy has said that Kevin has really "blossomed" over the years. As the object of both Max and Jake's affection in RoadStrip, Kevin is one guy who wins over many hearts. Even his name "Kevin" comes from the Macauley Culkin character in "Home Alone," indicating that even though he's young, he's still a very self-aware and independent guy who has a good grip on life.

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Uppy1007 on 01/27/2016 A belami boy! The hottest guy on this site. Period.

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