Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne

Featuring Colby Keller & Tegan Zayne

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Released: 09/13/2016 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled Featuring: Colby Keller & Tegan Zayne

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"He is one of those guys that’s just my type,” says Tegan Zayne when he thinks about Colby Keller. Tegan is not shy to admit that Colby was at the top of his list of guys that he wanted to meet and his dream of being totally Keller’d is finally coming true which probably explains the mischievous smile on his face. Colby of course is totally in his element being that he gets to fuck Tegan outside so he can’t wait to get down to business.

There isn’t much of a backstory to it. They’re obviously both very attracted to each other and they didn’t want to waste much time chatting so they decided to meet up somewhere in the forrest and just go at it. Within seconds, Colby is already deep in both of Tegan’s holes - shoving his tongue down Tegan’s throat as he fingers his butt making Tegan moan with pleasure. Soon enough Tegan finds himself leaning against a small tree and getting his ass royally tongue-fucked by the hungry beast that is Colby Keller. Of course that just makes Tegan even hornier and one thing he loves to do is deep throat a big cock.

Lucky for him, Colby’s rock hard monster finds its way into Tegan’s throat and makes him drool with spit all over himself. After Colby’s cock and Tegan’s hole are wet enough Colby turns Tegan around to take him from behind as he leans on the little tree again. Outdoors sex isn’t the most comfortable way to do it but you can tell by the way Tegan and Colby look into each other’s eyes that they’re completely caught up in the moment and don’t care about who’s watching, where they are, and what happens next as long as Colby’s big cock keeps pounding into Tegan’s hungry hole. Finally, as Tegan rides Colby and stares deep into his eyes, the pleasure that has been building up in his cock explodes all over his chest. Colby gets so turned on seeing how his cock made Tegan shoot a massive load that he stands up and completely covers Tegan with cum before one last kiss.

Jake Jaxson

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Colby Keller Colby Keller Tegan Zayne Tegan Zayne

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Figaro on 09/13/2016 Um.. well that was hot AF!! Colby is just sex on legs, & Tegan is so adorable, I just want to stroke him!🐶 it was sensual,slow & deliberate, & I love the finger & tongue work, that Colby showed Tegan.It certainly pushed all my buttons😊filmed beautifully by RJ,& I didn't even mind the return of the Log!!It felt right being in the woods.Maybe because I see Colby & Tegan as the lumberjack type!!Another masterpiece by the CockyCrew.😆😇😈😍🙈🙊👅💋❤💙💚💛💜💖💞👌💣🎉🍌🍆🍑🍑🌿🌲🌳🌈🌞🚿⚠🔥💥 Figaro on 09/13/2016 Write a Comment... pastelcarnation on 09/13/2016 wow..... OMG 2 of my fav. sexy men, what a great scene. I love them both but together they are amazing. Colby can be very intimidating with that stare he has, but sexy as ever. and Tegan is just gorgeous, love him can wait to see more of him. great job guys. I am loving all the new scenes, finally some good ones. quiet1 on 09/13/2016 Both these men are beautiful and sensual in so many ways. The setting for this scene was gorgeous to match with the energy and potency of these two free spirits. As much as I enjoyed all the elements of this production I think the part I was happiest about was the extended kissing session after the sex. For me the after glow and that moment of connection and humanity that can be glimpsed after all that passion and energy has been expressed is particularly hot to me. I know it won't necessarily occur beyond the standard "kiss to close the scene"every time, but examples like this and the scene between Ricky Roman & Levi Michaels or Zac Bishop & JJ Knight are ones to make the most of by adding a few extra seconds. It would make people like me extra happy. Adam on 09/14/2016 Good scene! Love Tegan. Colby is a great performer and has always been a favorite of mine, but lately Iv'e started wishing he would spend more time on his appearance. I LOVE Me Some Colby Keller! on 09/14/2016 I'm so excited about this scene. Colby Keller is one of my favorites. devotedtodean on 09/15/2016 I could wax lyrical for pages on how amazing and gorgeous, passionate and just damn perfect Colby Keller is. Those that know me, especially my twitter followers know he's my unicorn ... my ultimate man! But, I'd like to take a second to say how beautiful Tegan Zayne is. What a truly sensual, adorable man and so vocal in his enjoyment. The part where he's riding Colby and holds him around the back of the neck ... god damn that was so hot! The whole scene was incredible from start to finish with those magnificent cum shots and its now in my playlist because I just have to watch it again. I will be honest and say that cocky boys will really have to go some to beat the Colby/Carter scene (possibly a part two? *clasps hands together in prayer*) but this was definitely the best scene since then and is straight into my top ten ever! cs572012 on 09/15/2016 The kissing! The eye contact! So hot! When do we get to see the Stillest Hour? BuffyWillowAnyaTara on 09/16/2016 Tegan and Colby are both hella sexy! They were a 1000% into each other. Tegan whispering to Colby was so organic. He wasn't saying it just to say it. The kissing and touching was really sexy. The way they looked at each other was palpable. If either looked at me that way I'd come without touching myself. Who wouldn't want to be be rimmed and taken in the middle of the woods by a sexy man who knows what he's doing? I know I would. Loved the kissing that capped off the scene, more of that would be lovely to see in future. The body hair on both of them is just the right amount (for me)... yummy! The only thing I will say is despite how much I love this scene, I'm glad it's getting colder because I'm over the outdoor vids. There's nothing wrong with having sex indoors during the summer! ;) Show More Comments

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