Men, Boys & Toys: Colby Keller & Max Ryder!

Featuring Colby Keller & Max Ryder

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Released: 01/21/2014 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, No Ink, Toys & Kink Featuring: Colby Keller & Max Ryder

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Max Ryder was hearing all sorts of stories about Colby Keller from the other CockyBoys, so he was understandably nervous meeting him for the first time. Colby has one of the biggest cocks in the business after all, and he was eager to use it on Max's perky little ass to give HIM a couple stories to tell!

Lucky for Max, we hooked up Colby with a vibrating dildo (The Surge!) and a Fleshjack to help them get warmed up. Max really couldn't wait to see Colby's famous cock, though, so he pulled it out and sucked on it as Colby brought out the toys. First up was the Fleshjack, which the boys both fucked simultaneously after Colby coached Max on the proper ways of stuffing a tight hole. We all know the best way to learn is through experience, though, so it wasn't long before Colby prepped Max for his cock with "The Surge" a short while later.

Colby finally put the toys away when he felt Max was ready for him, and pounded him steadily until they both came all over Max's abs. We've never heard Max moan like this before, and can only imagine what it must feel like to take a cock as thick as Colby's! When Colby asked Max which toy he liked the best, Max could only state the obvious. "Yours!"


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Colby Keller Colby Keller Max Ryder Max Ryder

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niner on 01/22/2014 LOVE COLBY & MAX, LOVE COCKYBOYS. Hsinboyd on 01/22/2014 Awwww Max was so adorable when he spotted the creep on the roof, lolol! He was shy:)) They were both good but I think it was all a little too slow. Love Max! Xavier on 01/22/2014 Great duet! Love both! Mrscu on 01/22/2014 Toys... ok. But, holy hell, I tore through three fingernails during the last 20 minutes, and I am NOT a nail biter! And, Colby Keller is goddamn beautiful, seriously. nice69 on 01/23/2014 Colby is the best!!!! He brings out the kinky and passionate side from his partners. I wasn't fan from Max because he is allways so reserved and doesn't seem acting naturaly, but thanks to Colby... Great scene.... More with Colby... Can't wait to see him with Levy, Max Carter and Jake... Yummy.... Petra on 01/23/2014 OMG! Colby is so sexy! Yes I know we know that but it never hurts to be reminded!! I have often wondered if people could see in from nearby buildings and it turns out yes they can! I was laughing so hard when Max ran away ... after all we wouldn't want anyone to see (perhaps don't tell him what you do with the film lol) Loved the pairing, love the toys, just love Cockyboys! xxx LisaFanFicCrazy on 01/23/2014 Ohhhh man! No surprise I LOVE Colby in or out of bed. I adore Max, mostly out of bed. I'm not sure why because he's a great performer and though many times he seems uninterested really,(he's aloof) certain body parts give him away. :) In all the footage we see of Max out and about or goofing off, that's the Max I love best. However, when he sees the creeper? It's priceless and I got the outside and inside Max together. Colby teasing him trying to hold him there, the laughing.. Just loved everything about it. I'm the person who analyzes everything. I see every edit, every little thing that is trying to be hidden. The way this is shot, there are so many things that are interesting and yummy that I don't care to look at those other things. This is always true about CockyBoys videos, but in this one in particular. The lighting, the CLOSE-UPS! UNF!!! Watching Colby drip sweat... (Never in my life have I thought that was as sexy as Colby & Cockyboys made it.) Max twisting Colbys nipple, tip of Max's ears beat red, Colby holding Max's head close, his whole head fitting in one hand, Max's bottom half curled up like a pretzel and Colby's "V".. And the lighting (oops said that already didn't I? lol) the shadows, and hues are always amazing. WELL DONE guys!!! Ghost on 01/23/2014 It was nice to finally see Max care less about his hair and more about the sex. It was also nice to see him almost enjoy having sex. What makes this scene however is Colby. He always looks like he's enjoying whatever/whoever he is doing. Vivian on 01/24/2014 Max and Colby are just beautiful. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched the roof creeper part just to see the playfulness and the honest reaction of Colby and Max. It makes we laugh with them every time. Thank you fir keeping that in! Show More Comments

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