A Thing of Beauty: The Gift

Featuring Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark & JD Phoenix

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Director's Note: When I first introduced A Thing of Beauty, I stated, "It's my hope that these short films are a candle in the dark for anyone who doubts that the love between two men is anything but a thing of beauty."

But as the project progressed and took on a life of its own, it connected me with the idea of "life" and the things that make it beautiful.

For years, I had compartmentalized many parts of my "life"-- work, family, being gay, sex, and the list goes on. Often, I'd find myself exhausted from just the management and reconciliation of all my states of mind-- being something or acting some way I thought was expected of me. I finally realized I was just another hamster on the hamster wheel of life. ENOUGH!

Every day, I work hard to free myself from a way of being that caused me to live in an inauthentic state. The first thing I do every morning is speak out loud the things I am grateful for. It's a powerful inoculation to the negativity that seems to overtake our daily thoughts.

When RJ, Benny and I set out to make A Thing of Beauty, the key ingredient was Gabriel Clark. Having worked with him for the last three years has been an inspiration, a joy and a blessing. And in this film, "The Gift", you will see why.


Jake Jaxson

Description: "The Gift" is the third iteration of the A Thing of Beauty series. These short films have been a continuous exploration and tribute to the beauty within our lives -- whether it's poetry, music, nature, or the love between two men -- A Thing of Beauty explores the connections we have with the world and one another.

While the previous two installments expressed sexual intimacy through poetry, music, and imagery, "The Gift" begins with an interview with Gabriel Clark in which he talks about the scar on his head and the near-death experience that caused it. This episode evokes not just an appreciation for the things within our lives, but an appreciation for the gift of life itself. With Gabriel sharing a rare and vulnerable side to him, we're able to connect to him in a personal way that digs far deeper than just his amazing body and sexual prowess.

Starring in this episode alongside Gabriel are Colby Keller and JD Phoenix. Gabriel and Colby together make incredible sexual partners, but with JD Phoenix joining them later, the passion blurs into new territory as the three men re-appropriate the way they work together. Culminating in a sweltering double-penetration scene (a first for Colby Keller), "The Gift" showcases one of the most hardcore sexual acts in perhaps the most erotic way ever captured on film. After it's over, you might find yourself looking at all the intricacies of sex not as disposable porn scenes, but as visual documentation of gifts we all accept and implement in our day-to-day lives.

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Colby Keller Colby Keller Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark JD Phoenix JD Phoenix

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mrsdb on 07/19/2013 OMG!! I've been waiting for this and it didn't disappoint. Thanks guys Bailey on 07/19/2013 OMG!! I too have been checking daily for this tremendous scene. These three guys are without a doubt, some of the HOTTEST porn stars on the planet. what I wouldn't give to be in JD Phoenix's place. Talk about being a lucky man. I hope there are plans to do a follow-up sequel. It would amazing to watch these three guys in action again. The gorgeous island backdrop and the ocean roaring in the background, definitely made it a "Thing of Beauty". Thanks again Jake, for not disappointing your many fans. YOU GUYS ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Carson on 07/19/2013 All i have to say is JD Phoenix was a lucky guy being fucked by both Gabriel Clark and Colby Keller both so smokin hot all i can say is lucky lucky lucky, but hey he wasn't the only lucky one he is hot himself i like the series. Keep it coming! Jeffrey on 07/20/2013 OMG. Am speechless. So hot! Don't know what to say. Such a hot episode. Can't wait till part 4. Cockyboys fan forever!! britin on 07/20/2013 What a beautiful surprise to come home to after a long day. I could live in this fantasy world with Colby, Gabriel, and JD forever. Noda_Flake on 07/20/2013 This is actually a dream coming true. OMG! I always wanted to see a DP - scene with CockyBoys and this was even better than my imagination. Amazing chemistry between all three of them and all those moans and groans... just freaking hot. Loved the interview part with Gabriel because I always wondered where the scar came from and what actually happened. Thank you for bringing this in. This part truly deserves the name "The gift" because of many reasons. Not only the gift of life, but also love, passion, emotions and many many more. Thank you for this! :) Mmm... on 07/20/2013 OMFG! That was some extremely hot and passionate sex right there! And JD getting DP'ed by Colby and Gabriel like that...simply AMAZING and sooo damn sexy! Absolutely loved the chemistry between the three of them!!! BelleBookLover on 07/20/2013 How is that possible??!!! God, I'd be sore for days. Jeez Louise LOL BELLEBookLover on 07/20/2013 Give JD Pheonix a reward for that shit. Oh my. That was hot! Show More Comments

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A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper, Colby Keller & JD Phoenix

Expounding upon the works of Whitman & Keats, A Thing of Beauty portrays the effortless chemistry and interaction between men. These short films by CockyBoys owners Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian illustrate the beauty of the unabashed shared love that men possess for each other. A Thing of Beauty shows it all.

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