Colby Keller Fucks Allen King

Featuring Allen King & Colby Keller

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Released: 08/21/2015 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, Muscled, Power Bottoms, Uncut Featuring: Allen King & Colby Keller

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Guess who's back! That's right, it's the one and only Colby Keller. Often described as a "sexy mountain man," Colby's rugged, scruffy, and very muscular body more than lives up to that name. He's a real charmer with effortless sex appeal, and of course there's that beer can-sized cock of his. Colby was smitten when he met Allen King for the first time, calling him his "sexy little brother." And Allen was all smiles, completely swept off his feet as their chemistry quickly escalated and they began making out.

Colby loves being a sensual top... at first. He showed Allen a lot of affection from the start, tearing off his clothes, engulfing his cock around his bearded lips, flipping over his completely smooth body and giving him a rimjob to remember. But once Colby took off his shorts, Allen's mouth was on Colby's cock in a matter of seconds -- eager to return the love! Colby always makes the best sounds and faces when he's getting a blowjob, and it was obvious Allen was a master of technique. While this was going on, Colby's hands kept gravitating toward Allen's ass, his fingers lodged deep inside Allen's crack.

Finally, Colby lifted Allen completely off the ground, set him back on the table, and teased Allen's hole with his rock-hard cock. Proportionately, it looked like there was NO WAY Colby's rod could possibly fit inside Allen's cute, perky ass. But after a few heavy breaths, Allen took it like a champ. This gave permission for Colby to be as rough as possible, and he certainly was -- propping Allen up on the table and fucking him doggy-style, letting Allen ride him on a chair, before Colby really proved his strength by picking up Allen off the ground again and plowing him in the air! For the grand finale, Colby slammed Allen back on the table, sweat now dripping from his hair, and power-drilled Allen to climax. Colby came nearly seconds later, pulling out his cock and shooting a huge load on Allen's abs. Both their bodies covered in cum and sweat, Colby kissed Allen's spent body up and down before saying, "You're amazing."


Jake Jaxson

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Carteresque on 08/21/2015 An exceptional scene. Always love to see Colby taking command. And Allen is a new pleasure to me - his smooth and perfect body is a joy (and that vein down his right deltoid!). Off now to look up his other scenes. Rbcone on 08/21/2015 A perfect scene! Alan is the definition bottom boy, from his smooth well developed body to his twitchy ass hole. And Colby is masculinity personified. I loved the end with Alan soaked in Colby's sperm. And ideal combination of lust and tenderness. I'll be watching this one again and again. Me on 08/21/2015 I love the combo of a little guy and and a big guy. Fuckin' hot! Sybella on 08/21/2015 Oh my god!!! I missed Colby so much. This scene was perfect. When he picked him up, my heart did somersaults lol S68909 on 08/21/2015 Great to see Colby in a new scene and Allen is beautiful. Loved how Colby dominated him and with ease lifted him to bang him everyway possible. First time I have seen Allen and hope to see a lot more, his ass, loved every moment Mancunia on 08/22/2015 Whowwww! What a powerful scene! Liked the way the opening chat quickly developed into a kiss and then into full blown gay sex almost imperceptibly. You just couldn't see the join! Whilst Colby is a big powerful chap, his caring for Allen's well being comes through constantly, which must have been reassuring for Allen. Allen must have enjoyed Colby's big hairy balls bashing between his legs as Colby's XXXL size cock pounded him heavier and deeper. Then the climax came (no pun intended) as Colby spurted an almost endless stream of juice onto Allen, who I thought looked "When's going to stop?" Brilliant. deekster on 08/22/2015 This was a good scene unfortunately for me the model combo did not work and was a distraction from the potential hotness it would have had with a more suitable top..Just my opinion keep up the good work CB Sefeb on 08/23/2015 This was an incredible scene!! I've become a big fan of Allen, he is an amazing guy and his body is absolutely perfect and smooth. Although I also considered that Colby is great, I prefer someone with the body type and personality such as Allen's. I loved it when Colby was giving him the oral, I really love when attention is paid to the foreskin for causing pleasure rather than just being retracted, and finally all that cum all over Allen was awesome, I just can't stop imagining me eating all that cum, sucking him from top to bottom. BenDover on 08/23/2015 "You're amazing" sums up this scene perfectly. Liked the way Allen's pants acted as a sort of 'legcuff' restricting his movement so that Colby could give him top class attention. This is a very audible film from both guys, which makes it rather special for me. I thought when Colby climbed onto the table as well that he was able to use the full potential of his expertise. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned that table so far. Was it particularly suited to this particular film? What scenario would other members have liked this to have taken place? And then it's Colby's endless cum that brings this to an appropriate end. Show More Comments

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