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Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark

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Canadian superstar Gabriel Clark traverses virtually every era of CockyBoys history for the simple reason that his sex appeal is timeless. Confident & charming Gabriel knows how to put each of his scene partners at ease and before they know it, they're seduced by this passionate & uninhibited top.. and in for some of the best sex ever. For many models a scene with Gabriel is a rite of passage, officially becoming a CockyBoy once you've been "Clark'd"

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yogilini1 on 10/13/2010 He's so fucking hot, I want him rip tan bubble butt like jesse's sdboy21 on 10/12/2010 I want to do a shoot with Gabriel. If he likes military guys he's more that welcome to do me like he did to trevor... southernboi on 10/13/2010 Gabriel is a 10 in my book. rikl22 on 11/05/2010 wow!!! treeesq13 on 11/15/2010 Gabriel is great, but why tell us he likes rimming and then no rimming in his first action scene????? malecumm on 01/12/2011 Could CockyBoys ask Gabriel to do another 200 movies for us? I'll pay more... ;) justplay1 on 01/15/2011 I second that motion..he is the hottest! ;) manishyt on 01/22/2011 OK, this guy is insanely hot. Love love love the dominating way he takes control of his twinks. Yeah, I'd pay more for more of that too! manishyt on 02/14/2011 I don't get it. Gabriel Clark has to be one of the hottest new finds when it comes to honest-to-God dominant tops. Why would you to rush to turn him into a bottom? Kind of ruining something natural, AND it doesn't make much marketing sense for CB! jman21 on 04/13/2011 So Hot, I just want to suck on his hot cock! He can play with his cum after he shoots it all over my face and mouth.... yum yum Todd on 05/21/2011 I like him more hairy! all on 05/20/2011 Beau male québecois. Tu as un corps qui fait bander. michaelf on 06/01/2011 agree w/ manishyt. brasil & chicago are the remaining regions to find Total Tops, so why convert one to a bitch in heat. I like gc's scenes he's hot, but once Trent started fcuking him I lost my interest. it ruins my day to see the toughest guy on the playground screaming & crying like a bitch. JT on 06/03/2011 Finally. . . FINALLY Gabriel as a bottom. I have been waiting for a scene like this for months. First a solo, then a blow job, then him topping, them him topping again, then him topping once more, now him flip-flopping. I AM KEEPING MY MEMBERSHIP GOING FOR NOW. Gabriel is the best thing in porn right now. JB on 06/13/2011 We need a good ass licker to lick Gabriel's asshole. Let's not let it go to waste guys. Jon on 06/13/2011 We need 3 things for Gabriel: 1) Good Armpit lick 2) Good Asshole lick 3) Good Foreskin play Can we expect this soon, please... Frodo on 09/03/2011 I would like to see Gabriel and Tommy Defendi together jd on 09/10/2011 I'd like to see his face when he comes. He's really handsome, along with the great body. Skippy on 10/15/2011 I would love to get dicked by this MAN. He is in every fantasy now! What a Man... What a body wholly shit! Derrick on 10/18/2011 I want him more than anything in the world right now! He is my dream man! bzprick on 11/06/2011 2 reasons why i joined Cb; first: gabriel clark; second: gabriel clark. haha. this guy is just too hot. am keeping my membership for another month if i get to see him bottom more and eat more cum. i like to see this porn god scream like a bitch and enjoying it. tonytrouble on 12/21/2011 Just joined the site & Gabriel Clark is the reason.... Wow! This guy is soooo hot! The way he wallows in cum is the hottest thing I've seen in a very long time! He is a sizzling top! I love it that he gives rim jobs & loves cum! I know a few members would prefer their tops to be only tops but for me there's nothing hotter than a top who bottoms occasionally. There is a lot more porn these days where the actors actually seem to be having fun which is so sexy! Keep raising the bar guys! I haven't checked the list of models/actors yet but if Santa is listening I would love to see Gabriel topping Derrick Diamond... doesn't hurt to dream! chantyll on 01/16/2012 Thank you. Thank you. thank you. Thank you for making a film and thank you for being so freaking hot and charming. vmac16 on 01/17/2012 it would be more erotic to watch gabriel with more kissing and more full body shot with face especialy when cumming. i'm really disaapointed watching gabriel cums not seeing his face. travismij on 01/18/2012 my only dire wish is to be fucked by Gabriel Clark bareback coz i want his cum inside me.... i hope i can have my wish and at least meet this gorgeous guy... wessexguy on 08/26/2012 He is so hot hope he bottoms soon he love the cum noneunocontact on 12/18/2012 I think that Gabriel is one of the best in gay porn, I love when he tastes cum ... Tyrone Jackson on 01/04/2013 All I can say is OMG - what a Hottie! While my taste normally lean towards twinks, muscular stud Gabriel is phenomenal to watch. He is charming, passionate, and sexy. Absolutely L O V E him. aspdude on 01/17/2013 Gabriel Clark is the sexiest man alive and the scene with Bravo Delta is great...maybe do one with only the two of, hot, hot! VINSTESE on 02/12/2013 It's been a long time we didn't see Gabriel getting fucked, i hope to see him bottom later or in flip-flop scene ! IrishBlueGerman on 03/04/2013 Gabriel is the perfect man: Hot, No Tattoos, Masculine, but not a douche, Naturally Fit - not an overly pumped body.. and his personality is great .. Perfect in every way. He's the reason I joined CB! stier51 on 03/18/2013 Thank you greatly: Gabriel is a great stud... buzz on 03/25/2013 Only joined because of Gabriel. Perfection. Make a body pillow of him and sell it on your site. Persia1979 on 04/07/2013 :) you guys were not joking about Gabriel taking them down in 2.5 seconds .... i adore him D28 on 11/29/2015 Still one of the hottest guys in the industry. HE IS AMAZING....I can only imagine what it would be like to spend an hour with him. I bet he as grounded in person as he is on camera. Imesh1999 on 12/15/2015 i hope he bottoms more ;) steven on 12/21/2015 this good BeStillMyHeart on 02/11/2016 Gabe you are the reason I started paying for porn. Thanks for the good times. Phoebus on 04/05/2016 Bien que je raffole de tous les cockyboys...Gabriel est sans doute un de mes vrais préférés!!! Je passerais volontier un super moment avec lui. franmass on 05/10/2016 Je n'ai jamais de Gabriel Clark, J'aimerais plus de video et de threesome The best thing about being in love with humanity? on 07/13/2016 ??❤️✔️? LA1 on 07/13/2016 He needs to bottom more. Too hot to be a top only buzz on 07/22/2016 Gabriel is amazing but I think you need to edit his bio and delete the "newest addition to Cockyboys". AllinAday on 08/28/2016 Give this give superstar status already. He's a 10 in every aspect. JonCody1961 on 08/31/2016 I would like to takea ride on your dick Arturo on 09/30/2016 He is my favorite cockyboy and the reason why my expectatives on guys are always so high and basically the reason why I'm still single, everything about him is just perfect. Roger on 01/02/2017 Gabriel is by far the best top and performer. I love how passionate he is when kissing his partner in missionary position and the intensity in his thrusting is incredible. Definitely would love to see more and more videos of him. malino39 on 02/12/2017 Gabriel is the best actor x gay j hopes and j is still waiting a lot of scene with him malino39 on 02/17/2017 An idea of mini series: the life of gabriel clark because having seen 1 report on him and his family that seems very open of spirit; I think it would make 1 good topic mixing scene and private life for the best porn actor and it is on cockyboy that its scene are the most realistic bravo for your superb scene with him continue like this TXBttm on 03/24/2018 When I first saw him, my mind went straight to my cock and got rock hard. He just looks like he'd fuck you crazy and then do it some more. You wouldn't be able to walk for a while, but I bet it would be worth it. ;-) mike on 01/26/2019 Gabriel has to be one of my favorite Cockyboys models...he has it all... sexy, sultry, seductive... LOVE LOVE LOVE Zap on 09/17/2019 Love his cumshots...more facials! Nelson on 10/06/2019 Luv the way he fucks with passion, eats cum, and enjoys having sex! Glad to see Gabriel back and hope we see more of him -- even though he says its only an encore! I luv a man who knows what he likes and knows how to get what he wants! More Gabriel, please! MMMIA on 10/18/2019 LOVE HIM MORE NOW THAT HE FUCKS BAREBACK!! MORE CLARK!!! Victor. on 05/15/2020 Love This Man So Freaking Gorgeous. Victor. on 05/15/2020 Love This Man So Hot.

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