Gabriel Clark Fucks Mike Gaite

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Mike Gaite

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Released: 08/18/2015 Categorized Under: Muscled, No Ink Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Mike Gaite

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As we all know, Gabriel Clark loves to dominate so it's not often we see him with a guy that's comparable to him in stature and physique. But new CockyBoy Mike Gaite has just about the same amount of muscles and scruffy facial hair, so for a moment it seemed like Gabe had met his match! But after chatting with Mike for a little bit about a recent trip to Europe, different languages, and golden showers (err... Thailand's national flower of course), Gabriel finally coaxed out the words from Mike.

"I'm versatile..." he said. "But I prefer bottoming." With a twinkle in his eye, Gabriel knew he had just received the green light to plow the hell out of Mike. So they stripped naked and sucked each other's cocks, Gabriel going down on Mike slowly but then full on skull-fucking Mike when it was his turn to get sucked. There was also quite a bit of nipple play (one of Mike's weaknesses), before Gabriel pushed Mike over on all fours and began pounding him doggy-style.

By the sounds he was making, Mike was definitely not expecting the fuck he was getting from Gabriel. Gabriel was plowing him so hard that the slapping of Gabriel's pelvis to Mike's butt nearly drowned out Mike's moans. Mike then leaned back on Gabriel and rode his cock hard, with Gabriel pulling at his nipples throughout. But for the finale, Gabriel wanted to pound Mike in his favorite position -- Mike's ass in the air with Gabriel's hands tight around Mike's ankles. After several deep thrusts, Mike shot his load upside down -- some of it even getting in Mike's beard! That was Gabe's cue to finish himself off, so of course he hovered his dick over Mike's mouth and rewarded him with one of his world-class facials.


Jake Jaxson

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Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark Mike Gaite Mike Gaite

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Roundlight. on 08/19/2015 Had to laugh at Gabriel comment about Speaking Canadian (Quebecois) French in France......I am a Canadian that has experienced the same thing! I am also a cum whore like Gabriel,,,,, Must be something in the Montreal Water! Great scene! montrealmike on 08/19/2015 A complete generalization about the usage of Quebec French in Paris. Pure bullshit from Clark. I have been to Paris and the rest of France on numerous occasions. Generally, the French in France are amused by our Québécois language and accent. For the most part, they love it. Otherwise, there is nothing new here about Monsieur Clark and his ways. He has become very predictable with his show. Bonsoir. zofingen on 08/19/2015 This scene is not the best from Cockyboys ... when shall we finally get the chance to see Gabriel Clark on the bottom end of a video? kmw on 08/19/2015 I love Gabriel, this wasn't bad, I have seen better but Gabriel never disappoints me. Mike is ok. not as good as some of the other new ones, but we will see. I agree I would love to see Gabriel bottom again. I want him and Jacob Ladder to do a scene together, maybe it could be a flip scene, that would be amazing. WestSea on 08/20/2015 I think I'm starting to get Gabriel Clark fatigue. Just... I like him. He's fine. He's a good performer. But it's pretty much the same thing over and over. PAOLO on 08/20/2015 Please, please, please: A scene with Gabriel Clark and Jhon Magnum!!!! I am dreamming about that! And I think would be a scorsching FUCK!!! PLEASE CockBoys team, think about that!! Gabriel x Jhon Magnum!! Adam on 08/20/2015 Always love Gabriel! I agree with Paolo... a scene with Gabriel and John Magnum would be great! kvrl on 08/20/2015 I make it a point to try to give constructive feedback, whether negative or positive. I have to wonder about montrealmike - why so insistent on bashing Gabriel Clark? If you don't like him, don't watch him. Why put all of us through your rants? If you listen carefully to the first few minutes of the clip, Gabriel talks only about his own experience in Paris. He makes no reference that could be interpreted as a "complete generalization about the usage of Quebec French in Paris". Whatever your problem, could you spare the rest of us? Thanks. I'm going back to watching one of my favorite performers. montrealmike on 08/21/2015 When you talk to a largely American-based audience, who are so ignorant about what goes on in the rest of the world, especially Canada included, any generalized remark made to them usually becomes the rule. They come to our province and don't make one effort to speak the language of the locals. As for Gabriel, he was probably speaking English to his group when he was at this place in Paris and the locals kindly took him for an Anglo. Otherwise, Mr. KVRL, apart from the first 2 minutes of the last Clark video, I did not look at the rest. Nothing original with GC anymore. Show More Comments

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