Caleb King & Gabriel Clark Flip-Fuck

Featuring Caleb King & Gabriel Clark

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Released: 09/28/2015 Categorized Under: Facials & Cum Eating, Hung & Big Dicks, No Ink, Uncut Featuring: Caleb King & Gabriel Clark

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Caleb King is quickly becoming known at CockyBoys as one of THE most brutal tops around. He's tall, muscular, has a beautiful cock, and he transforms into The Hulk when he's pounding any hole -- he's just that aggressive. But the question has always remained, what would happen if Caleb got naked with our other resident power top, Gabriel Clark? There was simply no other alternative than a flip-fuck, and Gabriel rarely ever bottoms!

After they horsed around and got to know each other, Gabriel went straight in for Caleb's cock. Gabriel loves giving blowjobs, and he knows he does them well. After he bobbed up and down Caleb's rock hard cock, he stood up and let Caleb suck him off as well. And this is where Gabriel started getting rough, skull-fucking Caleb until his eyes watered. Gabriel flipped Caleb around and gave him a wet rimjob, but it was clear that Caleb's hole was really tight. So the guys switched positions again so that Caleb was on the floor, legs splayed om the air, while Gabriel loosened him up with his fingers.

Caleb was finally ready for Gabriel's cock, and Gabriel slid it right in without mercy. Caleb was moaning in ecstasy, getting filled and fucked hard as Gabriel's cock reacquainted Caleb's hole with the pleasures of bottoming. But Caleb still wanted to fuck Gabriel, so he propped Gabriel on his back and plowed him with the same amount of aggression. Gabriel's high-pitched moans were clearly the result of him getting railed for the first time in a long while. But Gabriel was eager to get back on top, so he slid Caleb back down on the couch where he truly let loose, drilling him deep and fast. Caleb shot his load soon enough, and Gabriel was so turned on that he came on Caleb's face almost immediately after... a recurring pattern for Gabriel when he knows he's still the reigning top!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Caleb King Caleb King Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark

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Magic Marco on 09/28/2015 Ive always been a great fan of Gabriels even in his pre-cockyboys days. He's hot, masculine,intelligent and a great kisser. He is a top but i sure do enjoy when he does bottom. I think the fact that he doesn't do that all too often on screen makes it particularly hot. Caleb seems really very personable too. The chemistry between these two is obvious and something i haven't seen on screen very many times. I think this is one for the record books with cocky boys. Keep up the good work Gabriel and Caleb and invite me to the wedding. Tara on 09/28/2015 This, to me, is in the top 3 of scene pairings ever! Gabriel is such a hot top, but it's such a turn on when he bottoms. To see him relinquish control is hot; the sounds he makes are amazing! The playful banter between Caleb and Gabriel was natural,relaxed, even funny! I really liked it a lot. I can't stop looking at Caleb. His body is crazy fit and those eyes! Amazing! I would really like to see them paired again in the future. I'm going to watch it again now. Thank you, Cockyboys! trojan1984 on 09/28/2015 Though it was nice to see that Gabriel can take as good as he can give, this particular pairing left me cold. It is bad enough many of your models embrace ghetto culture with all the body ink, but piercing one's breasts? This is the developed world, not the developing one. Can we just all agree it's time to evolve? Fortunately, there is the very evolved Darius Ferdynand on your site. Thank you for that. Trex on 09/29/2015 First a correction, Gabriel only "rarely ever bottoms" on this website. Gabriel has bottomed quite often on several other sites. In fact he has bottomed many times on the website. It is really only this website that "rarely ever" lets him bottom. Gabriel in fact is a great top who also seems to really enjoy bottoming and he looks great doing it. It's really too bad that this website does not let him do it more often. I'm still waiting for you to film a scene where Gabriel is completely dominated. He has looked great in several scenes on other sites when he only got fucked. Having said all that, it is great to see him bottom here if only for a few minutes of screen time. Thanks for including some nice rimming and having Gabriel get fucked on his back. The camera work is pretty good for once. But WTF it looks like Caleb has some wood issues when he is fucking Gabriel. That is hard to understand. Adam on 09/29/2015 Hot scene, with a lot of chemistry between Gabriel and Caleb! Gabriel is my favorite top, it's great that he is also a good bottom! KMW on 09/29/2015 wow Gabriel is so hot, I love it when he bottoms, its so different to watch him like that. but I think he got just a little bit of what he gives. and that was exciting. Caleb is not my fav. but this wasn't bad. all I know is that I love Gabriel (top or bottom). Lark on 09/29/2015 I thought that this was the moment Gabriel would surrender his dominance, but not so. He had Caleb whimpering like a little girl and clearly dominated the big man. I liked that Caleb's nips are so sensitive. Emz on 09/29/2015 Hot hot hot! It is a shame we don't see Gabriel bottoming more, I just loved his and Caleb's moans. Plus the chemistry was electric. Good camera work, but so not RJ calibre. On another note, I love the fact that CCB's lets its models be individuals. Whether it be tattoos, piercings, slight build, bulky/muscles, hairy or waxed/shaved. Any of those things might not be every viewers preference, but variety is the spice of life after all!! Cockyboysfan on 09/29/2015 Clash of the Titans! Pretty sure I am not alone when I say that was EPIC! Magnificent chemistry from 2 amazing men. Top job, all of you xox Love Gabriel and Caleb ! Show More Comments

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