Gabriel Clark Fucks Willam

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Willam

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Released: 07/16/2014 Categorized Under: Body Hair, No Ink Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Willam

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This week we're introducing someone very special to our site - Willam. He is a true power bottom and, of course, any power bottom must first be put through the initiation process. That means Gabriel Clark gets to destroy his holes and make love to him. It's just how it is. From the very beginning, Gabriel was attracted to Willam's washboard abs but it wasn't until he spread his legs apart and started rimming his hole that he was completely in love with him. After about 20 mins of fucking, Gabriel goes "You are amazing!" as he shakes off all the sweat in one swift motion. It's as if Gabriel was trying to wear Willam out and he was almost surprised that no matter how hard he fucked him Willam would still take it like a real power bottom does - begging for more even when it's too much.

Willam is a great addition to the Cockboys' stable and we're sure you'll love him just as much as Gabriel did.


Jake Jaxson

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Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark Willam Willam

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jessie g on 07/16/2014 Love when Gabriel pushes himself and his partner and William is definitely a power bottom (with great abs!) worth pushing. That 'you're awesome to fuck' at the end says it all. Great job, great pairing, more of both please! Ghost on 07/16/2014 Not usually a fan of Gabriel Clark's pound them into /through the mattress, the wall, the floor, the window style of sex. Usually his partners seem as if they are in pain and ready for him to just stop already. I was pleasantly surprised with this new scene. The newest Cockyboy as he is dubbed, William, gave Gabriel a run for his money and actually out ran/did him. Gabriel seemed genuinely impressed and turned on by William. So even though it was another pound feast by Mr. Clarke, it was a much better than any I've seen from him in the past. Wouldn't mind seeing these two paired together for another CB scene. IamMischief on 07/16/2014 My kingdom for a guy who fucks like Gabriel or Ty. Dorome on 07/16/2014 Well, this was unexpected. But I like it! Diversity and inclusion is never wrong! Gabriels stamina is stunning as always, and William really gives him a run for his money... toolelover on 07/16/2014 My only disappointment is that Gabriel didn't eat any cum in this video. Libra on 07/17/2014 Gabriel always set the screen on fire and Willam is the perfect power bottom for him to drill for hours. This scene is super hot! Sanford on 07/18/2014 First, I have no problem with Gabriel; I'm glad he's here. But so often he approaches his work like an angry bunny rabbit. In this scene, though, he showed far more emotion and tenderness than I have seen from him previously. True, eventually he operated like a clenched-toothed oil derrick at 78 RPMs, but he seemed to connect with Willam in more compassionate ways than we usually see Gabriel. It was lovely. As for Willam, I wish we had seen more of him. It sounds like he is a little shy, but he has such an exquisite dancer's physique. I would have welcomed an artistic tour of his curves and contours. That dense valley on his chest went ungrazed upon, his armpits uplayed with. And who had the straight-edged razor and parallel rule for poor Willam's butt? For that matter, all that followed above that Mason-Dixon line? If the beautiful Willam is a hairy little monster from ankle to Adam's apple--bring it on!! Alann6 on 08/18/2014 Gabriel is wonderful, as always! William is a nice addition to CB! Stanley on 09/05/2015 I love Gabriels he is one of your best models. Very straight looking and acting. I hope is really is gay. I would love to see him do more sexy romanic things. Like him fucking someone with Gabriels on the top fucking his mate real slow with both of their chest touching and they are realing deep kissing each other while the whole time Gabriels is fucking his mate real slow. Show More Comments

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