Gabriel Clark Fucks Damien Gunn

Featuring Damien Gunn & Gabriel Clark

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Released: 11/26/2014 Categorized Under: Men & Boys Featuring: Damien Gunn & Gabriel Clark

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Damien Gunn may be one of the newest CockyBoys but he was already anxious to take the final test -- getting plowed by Gabriel Clark of course! Since Gabriel has a reputation around here for being one of the most brutal tops, most new CockyBoys don't get Clark'd until a couple scenes in. But Damien has such high confidence and a willingness to learn that he was ripe for the picking.

Gabriel loves taking on the teacher role, so he made sure to ask Damien if he knew what he was signing up for. Damien loves to bottom though -- he says there's nothing hotter than staring into his partner's eyes as he's getting fucked and knowing how turned on they are.

After they sucked each other's cocks, Gabriel prepped and primed Damien's hole with his finger and then his tongue. But when Gabriel finally slid in his dick, Damien was in pure heaven. He really took it like a pro -- from behind, from on top, face to face -- before the guys both shot huge loads. There's nothing like watching an experienced pro like Gabriel breaking in some fresh meat!


Jake Jaxson

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Damien Gunn Damien Gunn Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark

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Vince on 11/26/2014 Man, that's two disappointments in a row. Damien needs to get more experience before making another. He does have potential. He is nice looking, but too uptight. He can barely touch his partner. He was better in this than the first he was in, but I really down't want to watch anymore of him until he can loosen up. The production quality wasn't as good on this one either. Doubt that I'll watch another one with him in it. Please bring in better guys. Alann on 11/26/2014 Great scene! Gabriel is an amazing lover! Leigh on 11/26/2014 Have to agree with Vince. Damien just looks uncomfortable even the way he closes his eyes tight like he doesn't enjoy it at all and no enthusiasm about his partners. More of jack rayder, and both Levi's those boys make excellent bottoms Kyle on 11/27/2014 Yeesh - that was awkward to watch. Noticing the fake humping really took away from the scene altogether for me. I didn't pay a monthly subscription to watch amateurs pretend they're good enough to work with vet Cocky Boys. Poor Gabriel, maybe what needs to happen is literally physically train Damien to be more camera friendly and more confident. Let him play by himself in front of a camera first before trying this again. Like I said, watching Gabe's dick laying there while Damien pretended to get fucked was very much a boner killer. zofingen on 11/27/2014 As I mentioned previously, Damien is a gorgeous male specimen ... but for CB, it's not working well, not even with the handsome and popular Gabriel. I yearn for JJ's past CB discoveries (Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Jett Black, JD Phoenix ... to name but a few). It's not by inserting the arrogant Pierre Fitch into his weekly menu that CB fans will be pleased ... we are are hoping that with some of the newbies to get our money's worth. THISisPORN on 11/27/2014 Are you all blind! or just jumping on a hate bandwagon!?!? Damien is hot. i love that he was hard and took gabriels cock. I dont know what fake humping you are looking at but damien sitting on Gabriels cock didnt seem fake to me. Gabriel was gentle and guiding which i thought was such a turn on. psyred on 11/27/2014 I love Damien. he is hot piece of ass, he seems more inexperienced; in the whole sex thing, not just the bottoming, mostly because he's young. I was excited when Gabriel said he was going to teach him, Bill Nye, science guy! type of way. but he didn't. He seemed just as awkward??? He did the same with Sonny Stewart, Cocky boys need to connect their men accordingly, match the right bottom with the right top, not just hook up new guys with regulars. There are two guys I favor that have been in bad scenes and I'm afraid they will not be seen again because of bad performances, but if your not feelin it.... Match the couples better, that's what we love about cocky boys! We want the connection! Intellectually and physically. SP88 on 11/28/2014 While not perfect in some ways, there were a lot of things I liked about this. First of all...... Gabriel. I adore how kind and caring he is. Love his interaction with his partners before their scene. I feel Damien is very green but has potential. He is a little cold with the touching, caressing and short kissing, but that can improve. I feel this was a little better than his first scene, so that's a plus. I do wonder with all the talent CBs has why we don't see more of the favorites. Doc on 11/28/2014 No complaints here, I like the inexperience of Gunn. He's young and tight and its nice to see a scene with a guy that hasn't been broken in yet. I can believe he's new to sex unlike some guys who are new to the camera but obviously have been well broken in by the time they start doing the movies. Playing innocent and then taking the biggest dicks in the world balls on their first shoot. Yeah right I honestly think the shade of his skin tone is the main reason for all the hate Show More Comments

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