Damien Gunn

Damien Gunn

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Damien Gunn may only be eighteen, but he's got the level of confidence of someone well beyond his years. He got his start with a hot solo scene on VideoBoys, but we can always spot a true CockyBoy when we see one. He's got a lot to show off after all -- a cute face, a hard chiseled body, and some really unique piercings and tattoos. If you couldn't already tell, Damien's a man of style with a lot of stories to tell. He loves to both top and bottom for different reasons, but he's always in a state of sexual exploration that's so far already evident on camera!

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wotsup on 09/12/2016 Hot guy......!!! Anicebiguyinsmalltowntexas on 05/14/2017 This boy is too beautiful... We need to see lots more of him in varying combinations. coreyfan on 06/23/2017 More Of Damien please....great to see he is back!! masterblack on 09/06/2017 We need to see Damien with Jacen Zhu...that'd be fucking hot!!!

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