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The Haunting

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi, Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Max Ryder & Christian Wilde

Description: Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: a both pleasant and painful past coupled with a phantasmal present. Jake Jaxson's psychologically and erotically charged film begins with boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel on a weekend getaway that leads to a mystically sexual encounter with an unknown presence. While sated, the couple is skeptical about the experience and cuts their trip short. However, when their friends and family don't hear from them, P.I. Dale Cooper is hired to investigate their disappearance.

Cooper finds more than he's bargained for as looking for the boys leads him to delve deeper into the intricate and somber past of the house's original owners. Described by gay adult industry insiders as "one of the best gay porn releases ever" and "a new genre of gay male erotica," The Haunting is an elaborate story that combines thrill, fear, suspense and erotic energy to portray an epic about how love and loss can traverse time and space.

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We're really digging the short films CockyBoys has been producing lately, and The Haunting is no exception. The beautiful camerawork and award-worthy editing style have pushed the studio even higher up the industry's ladder, and site owner Jake Jaxson (who directed the scene) is really proving himself as a porno top-dog with this one. We could write a 20 page essay about CockyBoys revolutionizing the way we watch porn (and maybe we will...), but until we do, The Haunting is just something you have to see to believe.

— Bradford Matthews []

Cocky Boys has released the long-awaited epilogue to writer-director Jake Jaxson’s amazing “The Haunting” and it’s an absolutely perfect wrap-up to what has to be regarded as one of the best gay porn releases ever. In fact as we said before, “The Haunting” in total may represent a new genre of gay male erotica. It certainly can’t really be regarded as mere gay porn.

Yes, there’s sex in “The Haunting: An Epilogue” and it’s riveting in its sensual power, its cinematography, and the chemistry between the two stars. It’s a downright beautiful representation of gay sex. Jake Jaxson didn’t just throw this scene into the epilogue to satiate the CockyBoys members.


Concerning Jake Jaxson’s The Haunting, I can say I have a few words to share, and that makes me happy. I watch this mini-feature and I’m absolutely delighted. To a broader point, nearly all of the productions that Cockyboys have been handing out lately have left me delighted. I call The Haunting in particular a mini-feature and not a scene because we’re not just watching a fluorescently-lighted and single location staged sex scene padded on the front and back ends by some cheesy b-roll. No, what we’re seeing here is a well crafted piece of themed erotic filmmaking that ventures neither into pretentiousness or camp. In someone else’s hands it could’ve easily slid into either, or both.

The quality that sets this production apart from its contemporaries is care. This mini-feature is obviously the product of people who care about the end result. Very often in pornography, you’ll come across productions with a fair amount of style, but little substance to balance it out, and vice versa of course. But what we get here is something special: sexual storytelling.

Now, I know I’m a bonafide fanboy of Jaxson & Co., but don’t let that fact dissuade you from my argument here. The Haunting is not the “I Want Your Love” of ghost stories, nor is it a flashy sex scene punched up with some snazzy editing. It falls somewhere in between. Pornography is a medium of fantasy after all. When you invite the quintessential fantasy element of ghost stories into the fray, you obviously can’t go too serious or too imaginative for fear of pulling the viewer out of enjoying the scene entirely. The balance struck here is perfect.

Earlier I mentioned how sometimes I find myself at a loss for words when I try to describe something I like. This was almost one of those times, but as you can see I’m still going on about it. The reason I say almost, though, is because I’d like to think that if I were in Jaxson’s shoes, I’d be making the same decisions he did. I’d know that the choices I’d made – setting up the conversational tone to convey backstory in the opening scene; choosing Moonlight Sonata’s first movement in the midpoint of the film; opting for a hallucinatory premise versus reconciling a ghost in a conscious reality; choosing cinematic versus studio lighting – I’d know that these choices just felt right. The Haunting isn’t out to win any Oscars here, but I do think it stands as an example of what’s possible. You don’t always have to sacrifice the story or the whimsy of your work to satisfy the climax.

— Harvey Walker []


The Haunting: Full Feature

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Christian Wilde, Dale Cooper, Dillon Rossi, Max Ryder & Ricky Roman

Description: This Halloween season, in addition to our regular releases, we're re-releasing our two award-winning series' The Haunting and Meeting Liam in their entirety. No need to click through to watch each scene—now you can enjoy each film from start to finish. The Haunting carries a special place within CockyBoys cinema, as it was one of the first films to showcase the full, cinematic art direction of photographer RJ Sebastian and director Jake Jaxson. RJ & Jake's stylistic shooting and directing is first seen in its fruition with this movie, and became the seed for their unique style, carried through to their later projects, most noticeably Answered Prayers. Capturing the heart and soul of a forbidden love torn asunder, The Haunting weaves a tale in two timelines: a both [more....]

Jake Jaxson's THE HAUNTING: Bonus Footage

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Christian Wilde, Dale Cooper, Max Ryder & Ricky Roman

Description: Exactly a year ago-- on Memorial Day, the official end of summer-- I stated that I was working on a project that would become Jake Jaxson's The Haunting. I wanted to release something for Halloween. And having just finished Project GogoBoy, I wanted to switch gears back to something more scripted and not "reality" based. Thankfully, once it was released, the reaction and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. From there I wrote and directed two more short films and an epilogue, which together became known as The Haunting Trilogy. And now one year later these set of films, along with a directors commentary and lots of extras have been compiled together in a DELUXE DVD EDITION, commissioned by Mega Retailer TLA Video! This Special 2 disk set is now exclusively available on TLA [more....]

The Haunting: An Epilogue

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Featuring: Dale Cooper

Description: Director's Note: Hi PUPS! If there is one thing I love more than a good ghost story, it's a good TV show about ghost stories. I'm hopelessly addicted to Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Activity, and Ancient Aliens. Even when I know it's all made up craziness, I still can't help but to get sucked in -- the music, EVPs, ghost voice boxes, and hazy video clips of orbs (a.k.a. dust) will always send shivers up my spine. In this last installment of THE HAUNTING: An Epilogue, I made a little ode to the shows I love and Benny Morecock hates! It's always a fight for the remote when one of these shows comes on (just for reference, Benny prefers Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty, and Pawn Stars)! Many of you have been asking -- what happened to Jake and Dillon in The Haunting: Part I? Or what did Dale [more....]

The Haunting 3: A Kiss Before Goodnight

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall, Christian Wilde, Max Ryder & Ricky Roman

Description: A Note from Jake Jaxson: Hi y'all! As many of you know, I grew up in New Orleans -- a hot, decadent, and haunted place -- where so much pain and pleasure has collided over the centuries. While attending college, I rented my first apartment in the Lower Garden District. At the time, the massive stately homes and mansions had either been carved up into apartments or were falling down around themselves. If you've ever read Interview with the Vampire, this is the neighborhood in New Orleans where Lestat retreats to hide, rest, and regain his strength. When I first moved into my apartment, I was taken in by the enormous 20 foot floor-to-ceiling windows, the upstairs gallery, and the wrap around balcony which still held its original panes of blown glass. These lush, antiquated [more....]

The Haunting Pt 2: Into the Woods

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Featuring: Dale Cooper & Ricky Roman

Description: During the week of Halloween, 2012, lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi decided to take a brief vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods of upstate New York. They were never seen again. A month later, Dale Cooper has been assigned to investigate the couple's disappearance and recover any necessary evidence. And when he arrives at the location they were last known to have been alive, things immediately take a turn for the supernatural. Doors open and close on their own, lights go on and off, and loud noises rattle the walls without explanation. But by far the most mysterious occurrence is a strange boy in a hunting coat, who occasionally appears to Dale on the side of the road, on the front lawn, and in his dreams. As time goes on and his sightings of the boy become more frequent, [more....]

The Haunting

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Featuring: Arnaud Chagall & Dillon Rossi

Description: Hey y'all, Jake Jaxson here. Growing up in South Louisiana, we loved to tell stories. There was nothing better than a good old fashioned ghost story and I especially loved it when Halloween came around. We lived in an old creaky house in the Garden District of New Orleans that would send a chill up anyone's spine who walked inside, and my active imagination became over-stimulated. Doors opened on their own, bursts of cold on a warm day, footsteps and voices coming from empty rooms... it was all the norm. Once, a friend who stayed over burst into my room out of breath with fear in his eyes -- he had just experienced the feeling of being held down in his bed and not being able to get up, as if someone was sitting on him, pinching and slapping him (No, it wasn't me! At least [more....]


Arnaud Chagall Arnaud Chagall
Christian Wilde Christian Wilde
Dale Cooper Dale Cooper
Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi
Max Ryder Max Ryder
Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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dirtydaddy on 01/28/2016 Ghosts DO exist. The house I grew up in had a ghost. It was female, she had been murdered in this house a couple years after it was built in the 1890's. She only disrupted things if anyone went into the space underneath the carriage house. My parents researched the original owners of the house and their history and found out that a servant girl had died under mysterious circumstances in 1896. They tore down the carriage house and erected a monument in it's place in the backyard in this girl's memory. That made her happy and she made no other disturbance in the 30 years we owned that house. The apartment I currently live in is also inhabited by a ghost. I have been told that the previous tenant died in the apartment. She apparently had a stroke and was not found for several weeks. She was alive when found, but died within a day of being found. She was 98 years old. She is still around. Her name was Stella. She warns me of things that are broken and need to be fixed before those things cause problems. This is an very old building. Stella keeps me safe. I don't know why she hasn't moved on. I guess she likes it here. Incredible flick. I like porn, but I also like a story with the porn I watch. That's the best kind. Anyone can make a flick of dudes fucking on a bed. Not everyone can be creative about it. mikie2730 on 12/25/2016 such a great job movie and porn best combo keep up the wonderful work guys your truly creating something special a new fresh way to enjoy porn..

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