Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde

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Christian Wilde is one of the most popular guys working in the industry today, and his beautiful body, intense blue eyes, and thick cock are only a part of the package. He's one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet, and he has a real compassionate side to him that can win anyone over. His brilliant portrayal of Klaus Heist in The Haunting will show you the two sides to Christian -- one moment he's cool, collected, and reserved, and the next minute he's aggressively fucking a naive real estate agent. Christian's a guy that has a great on-screen presence, and you'll definitely be swept away by the amount of control he has in his scenes.

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IamMischief on 12/02/2015 *sigh* The small clip of Christian in Meet The Morecocks reminded me how much I like him. Would love to see more of him. D28 on 12/03/2015 glad to see Christian on board...I think he is one HOT DUDE! KitKat on 01/26/2019 Please more Christian Wilde scenes.

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