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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, JD Phoenix & Kevin Warhol

Description: Coming off their stellar performances as bitter rivals in the award-winning & groundbreaking film ‘Project Gogo Boy,’ Max Ryder and Jake Bass set upon a journey of self-discovery that tests their friendship and their resolve. Heralded as the “(Fuck) Buddy Movie of the Year,” Road Strip is an intense into the real lives of two of the most popular young performers in gay porn today!

Critics' Reviews

RoadStrip follows CockyBoys models Max Ryder and Jake Bass as they travel across this great land of ours from New York to Palm Springs in a rented RV. We soon see what happens when cameras are on them 24/7 and the line between reality and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred. It also heralds an entirely new genre in gay filmmaking, it even had a premiere at the 2013 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Having just launched their careers, the two adorable young ‘uns had barely shaken the eggshells from their tender shoulders when their prior film Project Gogo Boy took the gay adult world by storm, racking up a mountain of awards and instantly catapulting both models and studio to the forefront of the industry. This time you’ll see not only the two in so-hot-it-hurts sexcapades, you’ll be witness to interpersonal relationships flowering and unraveling, highly personal interviews, and one of the most revealing - and sidesplitting - desert "trips" ever taken. And it's sexy as fuck. ...

In RoadStrip, CockyBoys writer/director Jake Jaxson, along with his partners-in-business-and-in-life Benny Morecock, and R.J. Sebastian (who also lensed), creatively fuses gay pornography along with experimental art, cinema verite and raunchy reality, and have fashioned one of the season’s most visually arresting and exciting (s)experiences.

— Erik Schut []

In five short years, Jake Jaxson's particular brand of arthouse erotica has propelled CockyBoys to the top of its industry.


What’s got psychedelic cacti, a choreographed dream sequence and an incredibly hot threesome with an escaped model from BelAmi? The final episode of Roadstrip, of course. Max Ryder and Jake Bass say their goodbyes to their magic bus, and summon the spirit of Bel Ami’s Kevin Warhol.

I know I’ve said it’s game changing, hilarious and weirdly compelling. But the most amazing thing about Roadstrip? I’m not even into Jake Bass or Max Ryder, and Roadstrip still manages to be the hottest thing on the internet.


The (fuck) buddy movie of the year.

— Zachary Sire []


Roadstrip Ep. 1 with Max Ryder & Ashton Webber

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Featuring: Max Ryder

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: I'm so proud to release Episode 1 of "Max & Jake's RoadStrip!" I decided to make ROADSTRIP shortly after spending the bulk of last summer with Max Ryder and Jake Bass making "Project GoGo Boy." We laughed, we bickered, there was yelling, and at times tears, but in the end it was a summer I will never forget and will always treasure. These two young men — both skilled and talented performers — are like any of us. They're filled with hopes and ambition yet plagued by the fear of the unknown and what's next. At the end of the summer, I knew I wanted to make another film that represented the comedy, melodrama, insanity and sexiness that is "MAX & JAKE" who are collectively referred to as "JAX" by their fans! The JAX experience is something to [more....]

Roadstrip Ep. 2 with Jake Bass & Levi Karter

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Featuring: Jake Bass & Levi Karter

Description: Director's Note: Hi PUPS! Welcome to Episode 2 of Road Strip. We have been thrilled by y'alls feedback to Episode One... so thank you for that! I am particuly excited with this episode in that we introduce newcommer - Levi Karter! Keep an eye on him -- he is going to be BIG! From the moment I first spoke to him I knew I wanted to work with him. He's incredibly talented as a dancer and tumbler. On top of that he possesses a raw sexual energy that would make grown men blush! And lest we forget those motherfucking bedroom eyes that make all the boys melt and bend to his will! So expect a lot more from him. Also, in this episode we feature original music from New York musician and artist Gio Black Peter! Gio is an amazing person! Talented, creative, with never-ending energy and [more....]

Roadstrip Ep. 3: The Bangover

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Featuring: Jake Bass, JD Phoenix & Max Ryder

Description: Director's Note: Hi PUPS! I hope y'all are enjoying RoadStrip as much as we have enjoyed making it. I am so grateful and thankful for all the wonderful comments and positive reactions to the project. This week we bring you Episode 3: The BangOver. Like any journey in life or on the road, you will not be the same person you were when you started-- especially if the road is taken with possibility and no expectations in mind. The same can be said for our Max & Jake. Today I would not recognize the same boys I first signed to exclusive contracts almost 2 years ago. Both have become confident, smart young men who work hard every day to not live in fear, but rather in possibility-- men who understand that their actions have consequences, who now try to live in their word and in [more....]

Roadstrip Ep. 4: In Your Dreams

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Kevin Warhol & Max Ryder

Description: Director's Note: Welcome to the final episode of RoadStrip! What a journey this project has been. It was born a few months after Project GoGo Boy was shot and released. And here we are a few days after the Grabby Awards -- Project GoGo Boy was the most nominated DVD of the year, and WON Best Director, Best Newcomer, Steamworks Fan Favorite Movie, and Best Movie of the Year! All of our lives have been changed and affected by our working together and the wonderful loving reception we have received from our members, fans, and affiliates, for which none of this would be possible. So allow me to say THANK YOU -- without your continued support we could not make these films (now I sound like a PBS fund drive)! One of my favorite things about RoadStrip and Project GoGo Boy is getting [more....]

The Release of the ROAD STRIP DVD!

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Levi Karter & Max Ryder

Description: I'm super excited to announce the release of the epic new ROAD STRIP DVD! It's hard to believe that exactly a year ago, we wrapped production on Max & Jake's Road Strip. It really feels like a lifetime ago -- both for me and the boys. Looking back on it now, I can truly say it was a defining moment for all of us involved in the production. As the title "Road Strip" suggests, this journey was "an unveiling." Not just of bare skin and booties, but also of ourselves: stripping away our porn personas to allow a more revealing look of who we are. Along the way, we made memories that I will not soon forget. Max Ryder bravely introduced the viewer to George (his real name), the boy behind the porn star. Max pulled back the curtain and eloquently detailed the differences between [more....]

Behind The Scenes Doc with Jake Bass!

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Featuring: Jake Bass & Max Ryder

Description: Today I'm excited to release a bonus behind-the-scenes doc featuring Jake Bass discussing his experience during the making of RoadStrip -- the process, working with me and the rest of the crew, his friendship with Max Ryder, and of course he answers the question everyone likes to ask... are the fights REAL?! I am even more excited because, for the first time, we are releasing a Deluxe Blu-Ray/DVD combo available for pre-order exclusively at! The long-awaited NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: A brilliantly designed packed-to-the-rafters 3-disc edition that you won't be able to find anywhere else! In an exclusive arrangement with the studio, we here at TLA have secured a very special Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo 3-disc deluxe collector's edition that you won't be [more....]

Bonus: Behind the Scenes of RoadStrip

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Featuring: Jake Bass & Max Ryder

Description: Film Editor's Note: Like all feature films, RoadStrip is actually hundreds of different movies in one. The finished product was just one possibility Jake Jaxson and I decided to run with on the editing room floor, when in reality there were hundreds of moments and anecdotes we had to leave out. So with the release of the new RoadStrip Blu-Ray/DVD, we've decided to share some of the best moments cut from the final film to give you the full "Jax" experience. These first two clips were originally supposed to be featured in the first episode but were cut simply because we couldn't find a place for them. For all their bickering throughout the trip, Max and Jake did have several moments where they got along, made s'mores, and related to each other about being porn stars. But we wanted to [more....]

Bonus: RoadStrip Bloopers!

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Featuring: Jake Bass & Max Ryder

Description: Film Editor's Note: You might be wondering how a film composed almost entirely of unscripted material could have a "bloopers and outtakes" reel, but the answer is actually not that complicated. Just like any other movie, RoadStrip was carefully orchestrated by a director with a clear vision and Jake Jaxson relied heavily on his ability to gauge exactly how his two stars would react to predetermined questions and situations. Most of the time, he was spot on in his endeavors. But the bloopers occurred when he was not. As the editor, watching these moments of disconnect between the stars and filmmakers was sometimes more interesting than watching the planned moments. Sometimes Jake and Max would really try to make the movie their own -- they'd say or do things on camera while the entire [more....]


Max Ryder Max Ryder
Jake Bass Jake Bass
Levi Karter Levi Karter
JD Phoenix JD Phoenix
Kevin Warhol Kevin Warhol

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