Roadstrip Ep. 1 with Max Ryder & Ashton Webber

Featuring Max Ryder

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Released: 04/04/2013 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking, Hung & Big Dicks, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, No Ink, Twink Featuring: Max Ryder

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: I'm so proud to release Episode 1 of "Max & Jake's RoadStrip!"

I decided to make ROADSTRIP shortly after spending the bulk of last summer with Max Ryder and Jake Bass making "Project GoGo Boy." We laughed, we bickered, there was yelling, and at times tears, but in the end it was a summer I will never forget and will always treasure. These two young men — both skilled and talented performers — are like any of us. They're filled with hopes and ambition yet plagued by the fear of the unknown and what's next. At the end of the summer, I knew I wanted to make another film that represented the comedy, melodrama, insanity and sexiness that is "MAX & JAKE" who are collectively referred to as "JAX" by their fans!

The JAX experience is something to behold - I am constantly amazed at what comes out of their mouths and the thoughts processed by their brains. And together, they are the perfect storm of emotional calamity. Good, bad, funny, dark, loving, and kind. One moment, we'd be laughing our asses off and then I'd turn away and they'd both be at blows — literally fists out! Fights were often followed by a quick make-up and then, see and opportunity, they would use their velociraptor like skills to try and maneuver and bend me to their collective will!

So what makes their off-screen and on-screen relationship special? They are both having a shared experience — they are complete opposites, they are competitive, and they are boys grabbing life by the balls and not letting go! Whatever it is, they are stronger and more powerful when they work together… feeding off the credibility and energy of one another.

What you will see in the coming months is a four-part film series that reflects what I have had the pleasure and great opportunity to witness and now capture on film — the coming of age of two young "porn stars" both maneuvering The Biz while trying to find themselves in the process.

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Description: Jake Bass and Max Ryder had quite a wild ride last year as the stars of the much-lauded reality porn series, Project GoGo Boy. Known for their confidence, wickedly outgoing personalities, and bangin' bods, "Jax" had more fame, publicity gigs, and devoted fans than they ever thought possible. They danced, they fought, they fucked, they grabbed New York City by the cock and proved to the world they had something to say. And they survived.

Now Max and Jake are back to bring you the first episode of their new reality porn series, RoadStrip. It's been months since GoGo Boy, and we are re-acquainted with the unlikely duo as they pack up and get ready to take a much deserved vacation from the city. At once enemies, then frenemies, then fuck buddies, then finally bonified reality "porn" stars, Max and Jake are ready to find out who they really are by embarking on a cross-country RoadStrip!

Equipped with a map, a stripper pole, and an RV named after the late Amy Winehouse, the two hit the road without a clear destination in mind. And while they don't really know where they're going, they do know they'll always have each other... whether they like it or not. Max kicks things off by revealing a big secret for the cameras, while Jake's addiction to Grindr and jerking off becomes a bigger and bigger problem to Max. They soon find themselves trying to out-annoy each other, which ultimately crescendos when they attempt to join forces and erect their stripper pole.

The episode takes a turn when Max breaks away for a moment and opens up to us about the differences between his very public porn persona ("Max") versus his personal life ("George"). In this intimate interview, secrets are revealed, lines are blurred, and porn suddenly becomes much more than just sex on film. What we ended up capturing on camera was an authentic human being stripping away both his real and metaphorical clothes!

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This isn't your mother's roadtrip

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Featuring: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, JD Phoenix & Kevin Warhol

Coming off their stellar performances as bitter rivals in the award-winning & groundbreaking film ‘Project Gogo Boy,’ Max Ryder and Jake Bass set upon a journey of self-discovery that tests their friendship and their resolve. Heralded as the “(Fuck) Buddy Movie of the Year,” Road Strip is an intense into the real lives of two of the most popular young performers in gay porn today!

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