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Raw Fuck Machine
4 Episodes in this series

Raw Fuck Machine


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Carter Dane, Chris Loan, Justin Matthews, Sean Ford, Taylor Reign, Cade Maddox, Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell

Description: Hardcore RAW SEX! We’re serving just that in this volume. We’ve paired up some hard hitters like Cade Maddox & Justin Matthews with boys that just want to get fucked! These guys are dicked down raw and were asking for more!


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Carter Dane & Chris Loan RAW New Release | 28 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Carter Dane & Chris Loan RAW

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Featuring: Carter Dane & Chris Loan

Description: Bonjour! The only thing hotter than two guys speaking French during sex are the two sexy men themselves: French Twinks star Chris Loan and CockyBoys' Carter Dane. They met in Paris during the Le Garçon Scandaleux shoot and Carter was taken with Chris' charm and marble-sculpted muscles. So who else could welcome Chris to CockyBoys for a raw fuck? Carter moves slowly on Chris, making his way from his feet to his lips. After kissing and caressing, Carter teases Chris' hardening cock through his briefs before taking it out. Carter frenches the thick uncut rod and deep-throats it as he sucks and licks every inch as well as Chris' big balls for extensive oral pleasure. Chris wants Carter's beautiful ass but first makes out with him, worships his muscular chest and shows him that sucking [more....]

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Sean Ford & Justin Matthews RAW New Release | 19 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Sean Ford & Justin Matthews RAW

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Featuring: Justin Matthews & Sean Ford

Description: Sean Ford has had a big crush on Justin Matthews, whose dominant energy and military haircut have fueled many of Sean's edgy fantasies...and now they get fulfilled. While Sean kisses him and worships his muscular body, Justin takes Sean's belt and tightens it around his neck..just as Sean desires. He follows Justin's commands to tease his cock in his briefs and suck it when it's revealed fully hard & throbbing. Sean takes Justin's thrusts and with his dirty talk & total cocksucking, ball-licking devotion, he turns on Justin even more. The dominant top eagerly gives Sean similar oral pleasure and soon Sean can't hold back..he has to ride Justin's cock. As he rides him Justin thrusts in and they're quickly in sync. Justin's cock soon find its target so perfectly that he makes Sean cum [more....]

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Taylor Reign & Cade Maddox RAW New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Taylor Reign & Cade Maddox RAW

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Featuring: Cade Maddox & Taylor Reign

Description: Cade Maddox is crashing at Taylor Reign's place and he's packed some essential Taylor REALLY likes: rope and a ball gag! Taylor takes a special liking to the ball gag, so an excited Cade makes out with him and affixes the ball gag to him. Cade devilishly teases his big cock over Taylor's face and does what he can't. He sucks his cock and rims his hungry hole then goes back to slide his thick cock and musky balls around his nose. Just as quickly Cade removes the ball gag and feeds his cock to Taylor's waiting mouth and goes all in to face-fuck him deep. Cade kicks it up a notch by using the rope to bind Taylor on all fours. Cade rims him and this time barely teases his hole before pounding him hard. And because Taylor is immobilized Cade can move to the front to feed cock to Taylor's [more....]

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Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell RAW New Release | 24 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell RAW

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Featuring: Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell

Description: Sexy & joyfully uninhibited duo Max Adonis & Ty Mitchell have had some off-camera fun before but now bring it full force to CockyBoys. Even before they get started their existing chemistry heats up the screen! As they kiss, the versatile guys ease right into their roles.. for this scene. Ty goes down on Max and gives his cock & balls the royal treatment and goes into total deep sucking ...with the help of Max's playfully dominant words & actions. Ty continues his super-sucking but first gets into a 69 position so Max can slobber on his hairy hole and all this just incites them get to the fucking. Max gives into full power-top mode by relentlessly plowing Ty's bubble butt with his raw cock and a moaning Ty takes every ball-slapping thrust. He doesn't even need to rest as he shifts to [more....]


Carter Dane Carter Dane
Chris Loan Chris Loan
Justin Matthews Justin Matthews
Sean Ford Sean Ford
Cade Maddox Cade Maddox
Taylor Reign Taylor Reign
Max Adonis Max Adonis
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell

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Walter on 10/03/2019 Not being a fan of tattoos, or graphiti, I'd like to remark on the description of Max's tattoo: "Only God can Judge Me." This seen often on others, who like Max "don't care what anyone thinks about him." Perhaps he should consider that no one thinks about him. Which is why he posts on his body that God has purview over Judgement, as if it was unique that God has any opinion at all about him. In contrast, I think Max cares very much what others think about him, even God. While that may seem cute to you, it really shows exaggerated self-esteem. God and others seem to matter a lot to him, so much so that he writes about the topic in pithy lines on his body. According to the short introduction, Max surely assumes everyone is thinking about him, judging him; why should anyone care? Anyone but God, he reminds us, but does God care so much? It's Max who remind us by engraving his body for the sake of edifying us, he does not care what we think? Personally, I haven't ever given Max a thought, much less have I presumed to judge him; and, I suspect neither does God.

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