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Carter Dane If the world's a playground, wanna play dirty?

Carter Dane

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Carter Dane has experimented with porn before, but it wasn't until recently that he became CockyBoys' newest exclusive model. With his flawlessly smooth, muscular body, dark hair and eyes, beautifully plump ass and uncut cock, who could possibly resist Carter? But let's back up a bit -- Carter has been a fan of CockyBoys for a while. In fact, it was Colby Keller's jerk-off scene with the cameraman that caught his attention initially. Like many of us, Carter wanted to fill the cameraman's shoes, engulf Colby's famous cock before having it plunged inside him balls deep. After traveling for a bit, Carter finally contacted us and the rest is history. Of course we had to make Carter's dream a reality and pair him with the one and only Colby for his debut scene. Immediately upon meeting Colby, Carter quite comfortable fell into a submissive role as he obeyed every one of Colby's commands. Carter's passion and intensity was so raw and real, it was as if the cameraman (ironically enough) wasn't even there! Carter's already set the bar very high for himself... and we're excited to watch his sexuality unfold even further.

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garynickoli on 03/09/2016 sexy damm cant wait to see him fuck David Estrada on 03/10/2016 Sencillamente... PERFECTO! littlebabyjoe on 03/11/2016 And when do we get to see him in action? He's beyond gorgeous!!! Craving Grande on 03/13/2016 Beyond gorgeous is a good definition. wes arcole on 03/15/2016 this scene is beyond HOT! took my breath away, the passion, the kissing the touch, just everything about it totally consumed me! Thank-you all so much! And can I just add, Carter Dane the most beautiful ass I have ever seen! Kaycee on 03/16/2016 Artwork. Goddamn. littlebabyjoe on 03/18/2016 ¡No solamente perfecto, sino también bellísimo!!!! Carter has the most exquisitely gorgeous, fuckable ass it has ever been my good luck to see. I hope you bring him back frequently. AsianBoy on 03/19/2016 hello AsianBoy on 03/19/2016 hi tarquinn on 03/20/2016 Extremely Hot! He's the reason I joined and all I can say is more , more, more!! gary on 03/24/2016 great bod damm love do him sexy chest super ass yum a 10 D28 on 03/31/2016 A great scene. Carter has an amazing body! And what else can be said about Colby that hasn't been said a million times before? He is a STAR. Patrick on 03/31/2016 Sexy dammnn hot is Carter Dane, very gorgeous and hot smooth chest, love his nipples too, so tasty for sure.... Want to see him as a bottom soon in another video very soon, he is a great bottom !! calcruz on 04/08/2016 More Carter Dane please. breathtaking. like the views at The Standard where it was shot. Sweetheart on 04/11/2016 Welcome to cockyboys sexy just Saw ur scene with colby and it was the Best. Ur cemistry was OFF the charts. Looking forward to see more of u ??? JT on 04/11/2016 Holy Moly! Done really well, thanks nipplelover on 04/14/2016 I love your body! It is SO sexy, perfect and beautiful! You're my dream man. I really hope you have your nipples sucked and licked. They need it badly. I hope to see your nipples get more attention. JT on 04/16/2016 Beautiful rljg66 on 04/20/2016 Carter, you have worked very hard to get your body in tip top shape... Thanks for letting us watch. I hope you will top sometime soon. You deserve to feel in control too. I know you would treat your bottom with best of care. Showing off his and your best. Looking forward to more sets soon. hugs Richard Patrick on 04/23/2016 Carter Dane, where are you now? want to see soon more movies from you Carter, you are so Hott, love your nips......whooh your nipples so nice !!!! stier51 on 05/03/2016 Carter you are a very beutiful stud! Please more movies... leo on 05/10/2016 hes the reason i joined. hope for many scenes with him. that ass... D28 on 05/24/2016 outstanding...hope to see a lot more of him. DaveLK on 05/27/2016 Stunningly beautiful and in his interview he displays a personality that makes you want to be his friend, if not his boyfriend. D28 on 06/01/2016 Carter is really good looking and HOT. Great load. I would prefer to see him with more muscular's just sexier. patrick on 06/07/2016 Phenomenal voracious bottom. I hope to see him take Boomer. What ridiculous biceps. renessaince man on 06/30/2016 Carter is simply divine. His perfect face and body, especially those incredible pecs and but. His handsome face and perfect proportions are enhanced ny those amazing lips, beautiful big nipples and stunning cock. I just want to see him eat cum. His pretty face covered in wads of man juice would be the icing on the cake. Looking for a Room mate in LA area on 08/09/2016 Carter and all the guys are Hot at Cocky Boys. Last time for me was 12/31/12 D28 on 08/11/2016 Carter is really handsome and amazing. I would love to see him with Tommy DeFendi. Jupiter on 08/26/2016 Carter is the reason I became a member here. When I saw that he was an exclusive model here, I was hooked. I love this guy. SF Westcoaster on 10/06/2016 Anxiously awaiting for more Carter Dane films. Ankhneferti on 11/17/2016 My favorite !!! :) He's sexy, yes, but he's just adorable too... A guy I would love to meet. You're the best Sweetie ;) French Kisses Atafafnir on 11/20/2016 This man is perfect! If Michelangelo would now need a model for David he surely will do the work with this hottie. But not only the bewitching and in all parts wonderful sexy body is the only fact which makes him extraordinary. His chemistry, his smiling face, his flirts with the camera, the mirrors and the tops are although very beautiful to look at. The highest ratings of his videos are the intensive call for more, more, more. Drewbristol on 01/14/2017 Love Carter, Great personality, Fantastic Body, Brilliant Smile, Kind, and is so good and supportive to his fans. He is simply the best.❤❤❤❤❤ Menkhen on 06/01/2017 El mejor lejos! Me encanta su cuerpo. Jbj on 06/29/2017 The most unbelievable ass in porn! Joaquin on 07/04/2017 Drop dead gorgeous, hands down pure perfection. QZX on 08/04/2017 Carter is nothing short of perfection. He takes my breath away. johnnygc69 on 10/24/2017 What can I say that hasn’t been said already below. He is sexy, with a gorgeous body, mouth watering cock and hole with a beautiful ass, succulent nipples, deep beautiful brown eyes, and above all he makes you wish that you are the one who is having the most wonderful, sensual, sex with him. I would love to see him in a scene with Darius Ferdynand Flip-Fuck! He is one of the main reasons why I signed up with CockyBoys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Archie on 11/19/2017 My impetus to join CB was because of Carter Dane and Will Wikle. Yes, there are many other nice guys as well, but a very few have the right chemistry for me. While I do like Justin Brody, Calvin Banks, Tegan Zayne and Dillon Rossi, my two favorites are Carter and Will. Will I be seeing more of them soon? Thanks. Leica73 on 12/16/2017 O M G !!! Every inch of this gorgeous body is just perfection! Sorry Gabriel, Tayte and Jake... Carter Dane is the sexiest guy on Cockyboys and he is such a sweetheart ;) Want m o r e !!! TXBttm on 03/11/2018 Carter is another guy I'd love to see top! He drips of sex, and has the cock to fuck a guy silly. Wowza on 07/08/2018 fffuuuuuuck he's hot. Love Carter Dane. Gonna nerd out for a second but he's like a beefier, cleaner, prettier MacCready from Fallout 4 lol and I'm all over that. cosmicdave on 10/03/2018 Carter Dane is one of my all-time favorites. He is amazing! He's one of the main reasons I wanted to join. ANSHA000 on 10/18/2018 Tu me manques tellement Carter.Reviens stp ANSHA000 on 12/03/2018 Merci merci,tu es plus magnifique que jamais, plus chaud aussi, ton film est un des meilleurs que tu aies fait et je les ai tous vu.j'ai adoré tes doigts de pieds quand tu as chevauché Brandon..tout était parfait tu es juste Brandon!! fabuleux!!!merci mike on 01/26/2019 he is a handsome guy but WAY too queeny...not my style. Razz on 02/02/2019 One of the main reasons I joined. mike on 05/23/2019 EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. For MY taste, Carter is very handsome but way too queeny for my taste. malegigalo45 on 02/02/2020 hello carter dane, you are so cute n sexy ineed, id chat with you more i liked all your roles, by the way im an australian loving all your scenes mister id love chat with you more, carter Carter dane on 03/27/2020 Hi love you darling Hillbilly on 04/15/2020 You are my favorite by far and such a good actor! Love your sex scenes. You make sex seem more than just a physical act. Would really like to see you show off more of your straight acting. Very impressed. DirtyTrick on 05/25/2020 Shouldn't have showed myself naked to a classmate and in a Catholic Grade School but that's the way the monkey rolls. It's not any of your problem. It was my mistake. masep on 01/13/2021 That chest alone is enough to get me off/ Culolvr64 on 01/23/2021 I love seeing carter Dane get fucked,he love cock...I wanna see with jjknight,please Sweet Potato on 03/16/2022 My favourite man! So expresive and such a sweetheart! That smile and giggle! Would be a dream to see him topped by Dante Colle... Jeff C on 06/30/2023 So freaking perfectly delicious! And NO INK, which is a huge bonus in my book! Tristan on 07/20/2023 Hope he'll be back for some new scenes. Love watching him. He's absolutely stunning...

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