Just Love: Carter Dane & Jimmy Durano

Featuring Carter Dane & Jimmy Durano

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Released: 08/05/2016 Categorized Under: Boyfriends & Romance, Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled, Outdoors, Uncut Featuring: Carter Dane & Jimmy Durano

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Jimmy Durano and Carter Dane are back and this time they are ready to share with us a piece of themselves that no one has ever seen. They come from completely different backgrounds but they both had a similar goal in life - to learn how to love themselves. Jimmy grew up Catholic and he admits that he had a really hard time accepting the fact that he is gay but it was even harder for him to come out to his family. Fast forward to today, Jimmy has finally found the strength to tell everyone and to be the person he always knew he was meant to be.

Carter also found himself in a difficult situation at one point in his life when he had to make the decision to change and learn how to be happy. As they each talk about how they got to their place of happiness we see the pure raw emotion behind their tears and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the both of them. But it’s not all tears and hard times for these two! Finally alone on a beautiful island, surrounded by nature, Carter and Jimmy have a moment to open up to each other and find out what makes the other one happy. They share their expertise on being a good top or bottom and what they’ve found has worked for them in their sexual explorations. As they enjoy each others’ company the kissing turns into touching and the touching turns into licking… which turns into sucking… The passion is real and raw and watching their emotions and sexual desires take over them is nothing short of a gift.

They first start out by slowly undressing and caressing every part of their bodies but once Carter sees Jimmy’s rock hard cock he wastes no time and begs him to fuck his throat. Jimmy of course is more than happy to do that and as he’s pumping his thick massive piece into Carter’s hungry mouth he also sucks his dick and fingers his hole. After Carter’s throat has been extensively worked over, Jimmy flips Carter over so he can really get into his hole with his tongue and fingers. Apparently Jimmy is real good with his fingers because at one point Carter is practically begging to be fucked and admits he just can’t wait anymore. Assuming the doggy position on the chair by the pool, Carter arches his back to let Jimmy take him from behind.

After a couple of minutes of going slow though Jimmy is ready to really start pounding Carter’s hole so he starts plowing into Carter until he begs him to slow down and let him ride his dick. After riding it for a while Carter lays on his back to let Jimmy fuck him to completion. “I want you to fuck the cum out of me”, says Carter as Jimmy pumps his cock into his tight hole. Sure enough, it’s not long before Carter is spraying his load all over himself which makes Jimmy eager to shoot his load all over Carter as well. When they’re done, Carter is completely covered in cum as the sun sets behind them and they’re both out of breath. This really should be the next textbook on how to love yourself and others!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Carter Dane Carter Dane Jimmy Durano Jimmy Durano

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Drewbristol on 08/05/2016 Every time Carter Dane takes my breath away. He is the best. A great beautiful and moving film. Full of emotion for both of these guys. Beautifully filmed, Amazing awesome Congratulations to everyone at Cockyboys. Sincerely Drewbristol. JustMe2 on 08/05/2016 This is just BRILLIANT! Truly unique, sexy, and unlike anything else out there. Another A+ CockyBoys. Great job. S68909 on 08/05/2016 JJ I think you missed your calling as an interviewer! You really know what questions to ask to break down any barriers the models have so that you get them to share their deepest thoughts even if it is emotional for them. Beautiful scene between 2 men who obviously enjjoyed the experience, which as a viewer makes it more enjoyable. Stunning camera work RJ, there is a softness of your work that I really enjoy Full karks from me and I will certainky be watching it again 😇😈😚 devotedtodean on 08/05/2016 WOW. Another hit straight out of the park! Carter is perfect as always, he can really do no wrong, the man is sexiness personified! Jimmy...damn is he hot!! Rockin' body, perfect cock and a genuinely caring top. The chemistry was off the charts between them which made this an amazing scene from start to end. LOVED IT. This is now my second favourite Carter scene :D A must watch for sure! Figaro on 08/05/2016 UMMM...where do I start. That was sensual, sexy, tender, emotional, hotter than hell!! I knew this would be good, but OMG.. it was spectacular. I saw a different side to Jimmy, that I wasn't expecting, & Carter too. You just blew me away with that. Beautifully shot, very touching in what they both had to say. Well done everyone in the making of this. I can't wait for the next installment. 😆😢😇😙❤💙💚💛💜💕💞💖👏🍉🍊🍑🍒🍓🌴🌴🌈🌄🔥 Honey on 08/05/2016 I don't even know how to start...It seemed like I was watching a real romantic movie and not porn! It was like there were not the abrupt cuts and edits that there usually are in porn, yet there were no awkward moments (or at least didn't see any). It flowed perfectly. Therefore it was easier to "suspend my disbelieve" and really get into it. I have to admit that I had to pause it several times because it was simply too hot☺️ Both Carter and Jimmy were amazing and the interaction seemed so sweet and natural. It was just hot and sexy, but gentle love-making! This is what porn should be like. It doesn't matter if it's rough or gentle, but it just should feel real, erotic and not forced, which I imagine is really hard to make. Kudos to RJ and Jake and everyone at CB for making this happen! This what porn should be like. I'm not quiet1 on 08/05/2016 I am one very happy subscriber. These two men communicated their stories so well to start the film and then continued the trusting and open communication throughout. Truly beautiful. Tootsweet on 08/06/2016 Carter's sex sounds ~ his gasps and moans, breathy queries and urgent demands ~ are mind-meltingly sexy. He's so gorgeous getting fucked, but now I really, really want to see him top... Ori on 08/06/2016 OMG, this hits very close to home! I am a gay Catholic who dreamed to be a priest and thought being gay couldn't be a priest. Ironically, I learned there r a lot of deep closeted gays among priests actually 20 years later XD Show More Comments

This scene is featured in

Just Love

A Pornstar's Guide to Sexual Freedom

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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano & Levi Karter

In honor of Pride month, CockyBoys introduces a new erotic documentary series that's simply all about LOVE -- specifically loving yourself. Shot entirely on a gorgeous private island off the coast of Puerto Rico, this new series showcases exclusive models Boomer Banks, Ricky Roman, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano, and Levi Karter opening up and being truthful about learning to love and accept themselves for exactly who they are. Novel concept, right? Well... their answers may surprise you -- not because their journeys deviate from the norm per se, but because of how universally relateable they are at heart. Touching on topics such as self health, expectations and acceptance, coming out, and (don't worry!) even sex, this sensitive and insightful series aims to engage and inspire all viewers, serving up a spoonful of honest love before showing you some of the most passionate sex between men shot on film.

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