Just Love 3: Love Gives Me a Boner

Featuring Boomer Banks & Carter Dane

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Released: 09/06/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Outdoors, Uncut Featuring: Boomer Banks & Carter Dane

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Boomer Banks and Carter Dane are the perfect match for each other in this installment of our CockyBoys docu-series, Just Love. A candid and highly personalized meditation on gay sex, relationships, and the meaning of love in all its forms, Just Love exists as a voice for gay-specific issues you never learned in Sex Ed... complete with a sweltering hot and highly intimate sex scene (for those visual learners out there of course)!

With his buff body, thick beard, and sleeves of tattoos, Boomer at first may not seem the most likely candidate to expose his most intimate thoughts on love. But after he discusses his feelings on where and how to find love, as well as the effects they impress upon him, he concludes that it's primarily love itself that "gives him a boner." Carter's take on sex is that it balances out his highly organized lifestyle, allowing him complete freedom and blissful complacence as his toes curl during rough, unpredictable fucking.

Understanding more about Boomer and Carter's sexual psyche contextualizes their instant chemistry and authentic interactions when they're eventually naked in a secluded, windy cabana overlooking the sea. They begin with some passionate kissing, spooning, and grinding. Carter then naturally moves to Boomer's cock with a real sense of eagerness, blowing him until Boomer's moans echo across the ocean. Boomer returns the favor, quickly transitioning to some rimming and finger fucking that already leaves Carter breathless. There's a real intensity about the way Boomer so quickly and fluidly slides his cock straight up Carter's hole. He knows how much Carter wants it hard and deep, and he happily obliges.

Before getting ahead of themselves, Boomer and Carter try out several more positions -- everything from side-by-side spoon-fucking to Carter riding Boomer's particularly thick cock -- until eventually the guys are dripping with sweat and adrenaline. To finish each other off, the guys move to an outdoor ledge overlooking the pool. It's the perfect place for Carter to lay on his back with his toes curling over Boomer's shoulders as he gets nailed even harder than before. When Carter begins making his signature giddy yet merciless high-pitched moans, you know he's just seconds away from shooting his load. Boomer only accelerated his pace when Carter reached the point of no return, only to then hold his hard eight inches firmly inside him as Carter climaxed over his own lower torso. After giving Carter a short breather, Boomer quickly picked up the pace again, jack-hammering Carter until he too busted a huge must-see cumshot. After admitting it's love itself that truly gives Boomer a boner, it's pretty safe to say Boomer was (literally) head over heels for Carter!

Jake Jaxson

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Models Featured in this Scene

Boomer Banks Boomer Banks Carter Dane Carter Dane

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fuerteRIO on 09/06/2016 can’t wait! Figaro on 09/06/2016 OMFG!!😨That has to be, one of the hottest things I have ever watched. It was sensual, sexy, & the noises they both made..aaahhh. Boomer just keeps getting better & better, & I now feel like we are seeing the real Boomer Banks, instead of the tough guy mould he was always cast as. Carter is as amazing as always, so expressive, he's not afraid to just let go, which I love about him. This was truly a match made in heaven.😊 RJ'S camera work was absolutely incredible, & filming through the net, was inspired. It gave a dream like quality, & they just looked so beautiful together through it. This is definitely my favorite of all time, & will watch this over & over again until I probably go blind!! Fabulous job everyone.😆😇😈😚😍💋❤💙💚💛💜💖💞👌👍👏👑💣💣🎉🚿⚠🔥💥 Figaro on 09/06/2016 Write a Comment... you on 09/06/2016 I want to see SEX with Carter Dane and Darius Ferdynand. you on 09/06/2016 I want to see SEX with Carter Dane and Darius Ferdynand. you on 09/06/2016 I want to see SEX with Carter Dane and Topher Di Maggio Tootsweet on 09/06/2016 Well that was certainly worth waiting for... Gorgeous men, delicious noises, evocative camera work; another fabulously sexy film from CB. S68909 on 09/06/2016 Carter and Boomer together was looking forward to this and scene exdeeded my expectations. Hearing them both talking at the start was just beautiful, having the models open up like this is another layer of arousal. Hearing them talk about love and their sexual growth they have went through is beautiful. Personal thing but I enjoy watching them put on the condons, something I have never mastered, and 2 models together that are both UC 😍 RJ excellent camera work as always, filming them through the net was ingenuis. A scene I will definately be watching again 😇😈🔥🔥😍😍😚 quiet1 on 09/06/2016 The conversations and interviews and the setup shots of the guys out visiting spots on the island was the best way to build anticipation. Hearing the guys be honest and show aspects of their personality draws me deeper into the scenes that follow. I found that my toes were curling and I had shivers of excitement even before the first kiss was exchanged. It is wonderful that so many of your films show the people behind the sexual action, being able to see aspects of their passions and talents and humour is great. That is what sets CB's apart from the vast majority of companies out there. Show More Comments

This scene is featured in

Just Love

A Pornstar's Guide to Sexual Freedom

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Featuring: Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano & Levi Karter

In honor of Pride month, CockyBoys introduces a new erotic documentary series that's simply all about LOVE -- specifically loving yourself. Shot entirely on a gorgeous private island off the coast of Puerto Rico, this new series showcases exclusive models Boomer Banks, Ricky Roman, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano, and Levi Karter opening up and being truthful about learning to love and accept themselves for exactly who they are. Novel concept, right? Well... their answers may surprise you -- not because their journeys deviate from the norm per se, but because of how universally relateable they are at heart. Touching on topics such as self health, expectations and acceptance, coming out, and (don't worry!) even sex, this sensitive and insightful series aims to engage and inspire all viewers, serving up a spoonful of honest love before showing you some of the most passionate sex between men shot on film.

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