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Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox

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A tall & handsome Southern gentleman with a near-perfect sculpted physique Cade Maddox is a lot more playful than his serious look intimates. You can see this in his eyes and charming smile and spontaneity. A man who enjoys physical contact Cade can be passionate & romantic as well as aggressive & rough depending on who he's with. Above all else keep this in mind, in his own words, "I am the exception to every rule."

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Sexybun on 09/26/2018 Cade is so much better looking, than his photo implies. What a sexy, charismatic specimen of man! Can't wait, to see more of what Cade has to offer. Loving the whole package With all that strength and charm, who could resist?! Gorgeous! starryconstellations on 01/23/2019 Quickly becoming one of my favorites. Cade is absolutely delectable. Everything he does, his smile, his laugh, his confident swagger, it all oozes with sex. Looking forward to seeing much more from him <3 BigTexK on 02/20/2019 Cade is in the top three of my all time hottest porn stars! Right there with Spencer Laval and Quentin Gainz. What a four way that would be! Damn on 02/26/2019 Can you put him in a scene with Levi Karter starvedforhotjocks on 03/03/2019 I want to see Spencer Laval getting absolutely pounded by Cade Maddox. THEN, have them flip fuck. How HOT would that be? LovingIT on 08/18/2019 I must use the quote from Starry, "Cade is absolutely delectable. Everything he does, his smile, his laugh, his confident swagger, it all oozes with sex." Cade is my favorite with his love making talk during bareback on this site. I would love to see him intensely and passionately bareback Troy Accola or Ty Mitchell and finish it off with a creampie like he did with Carter Dane. Cade is a sexy dude in every way imaginable!! LovingIT on 08/18/2019 Cade with Calvin Banks was off the chain!!! More like that one PLEASE!!!! JaLaffery on 11/11/2019 I hope that Cocky Boys will be the first studio to get Cade Maddox to bottom. Especially since Gabriel Clark is back now. If not Gabriel then surely someone on here (except Boomer Banks) should be able to tap Cade delicious bubble butt. DF on 01/16/2020 I need to see Cade and Gabriel Clark double penetrate the bejesus out of Wess Russel datum on 09/03/2023 what happened to the Cade And Nico scene ?

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