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Justin Matthews

Justin Matthews

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Justin Matthews may look like your standard football jock with his hard 8-pack and wide shoulders, but at heart he's an extremely creative person with some mind-blowing musical talent. He could easily give Jack Johnson and John Mayer a run for their money, and this isn't even counting the fact that he loves being naked. Everything comes very naturally to Justin -- from the lyrics in his songs to his sexual encounters -- and he holds nothing back. He's one of those guys who's 100% in touch with who he is, and that's what makes him so attractive. Welcome to CockyBoys, Justin!

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Jan on 11/29/2015 I wish they made him an exclusive :( D2 on 12/26/2015 I really would like to lick Justin. Is that so wrong? Tristan on 12/27/2015 Justin is awesome! Would be great to see more! gary on 05/13/2016 this is a hot kid lots more love the scene Schwecken on 12/03/2016 There's no one I'd rather watch bottoming than Justin. His moans and whimpers and his, "Oh fucks" just drive me crazy. sgaseattle on 12/15/2016 No one I like to see topping more than Justin.... Move over Liam, I'll add the sound effects when Justin tops me.... FOJ on 01/19/2017 Justin is hot and needs to top more often; he does it just RIGHT!!! MMMIA on 05/15/2018 Would love to see him barebacked by someone like Boomer Banks! Alex on 07/15/2018 Jesus surely the best of everything ! Horny AF on 02/02/2019 Big time Justin Matthews fan here. I know he's everywhere right now, but when you're as hot as he is, I don't see that as a problem! I love it when he bottoms, sends me over the edge.

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