Justin Matthews Fucks Liam Riley

Featuring Justin Matthews & Liam Riley

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Released: 08/11/2015 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, Outdoors, Power Bottoms, Twink Featuring: Justin Matthews & Liam Riley

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Justin Matthews and Liam Riley clicked right from the beginning. And you can immediately see why -- Justin is a more simple-minded country guy while Liam's a bubbly big city boy, a walking exclamation point! Even physically, Justin's a taller, tan blond Adonis while Liam is a slightly shorter, brown-haired pup in training. A perfect Yin and Yang is what you could call their chemistry, and that always leads to some explosively hot sex.

The guys were visiting Fire Island this summer, and all Justin could think about was sex. He was very vocal about it, too, but Liam reigned him in a little bit at first. They explored the beach, checked out the docks, and then took a lazy summer nap back at their cabin. But Justin couldn't fight his sexual impulses... he snuck off, got naked, and started jerking his hard cock outside on the patio. Liam discovered him a short while later, and the two were soon locking lips. Liam then gave Justin what he really wanted, a slow and hot blowjob. Justin then sucked off Liam for a bit, but he was so turned on that he very abruptly told Liam to bend over so he could pound him doggy-style.

Liam was loving Justin's hard, powerful thrusts from behind and Justin undoubtedly enjoyed dominating him. But Justin wanted to cool off, so he led Liam to an outdoor shower nearby where the guys got under the water and made out some more. Liam couldn't get enough of Justin's cock though and gave him a second blowjob. But Justin quickly pulled him up, perched him against the wall, and fucked him from behind some more. After they were moaning loudly in a steady rhythm, Liam came while Justin was still fucking him. And Justin rewarded him with a huge load all over his face and torso shortly after. The guys then got under the water again to wash off, ending another successful trip to Fire Island!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Justin Matthews Justin Matthews Liam Riley Liam Riley

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gandalf0123 on 08/12/2015 Liam is one of the most amazing people i ever saw. Every scene he does is a gift. But the most essential thing is his personality. I love it. Its fantastic for every partner he has. dorome on 08/12/2015 OMG! So cute at the beginning and then so amazingly HOT. Both Liam and Justin are pretty amazing on their own, but they complement each other perfectly. Great chemistry! And the atmosphere in this scene is just a perfect summer dream. If you start selling tickets to Fire Island I buy them too. Oh, and I love all those water drops on Liam's ass, stunning videographie as always! arch on 08/12/2015 Liam is not watchable for me as a female guy but I guess he may have his following. Finally you got some guys like Tryp and A. Mecum and had the incredible Asher and Tayte at least. I like Justin but can't watch him in this one. Brian on 08/12/2015 Cockyboy should setup a new category for Shemale or male who speak like a girl for Liam, not a good combination. If Liam can scream like a girl while being fucked I guess it might turn on a lot of people with special interest. cgilles on 08/12/2015 Autant je pourrais admettre qu'on voie en Justin Matthews un tout petit remplaçant à Levi Michaels, autant je ne voie pas d'autre intéret à Liam que celui d'un remplaçant à un réveil-matin en panne. zofingen on 08/12/2015 Il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les genres à Cockyboys. Il est injuste de traiter Liam comme un individu qui n'est pas tout à fait comme la majorité des autres acteurs de porno ... il incarne pour moi tout ce qui est beau et sensuel d'un jeune adonis de rêve ! Cockycookie on 08/12/2015 I luv everything about this incredible beautiful scene except for Liam. The light, the shooting angle,the set, the music, the sensitivity of Justin, all those created a dreaming atmosphere, RJ captured the intimacy, tender moment between lovers. Can't thank enough for his great eye behind camera. As for Liam, I understand & appreciate the diversity of Gay group, but he just not my type, can't stand his feminine voice,posture in a gay porn. I have no issue with Liam coz he is cute sweet gay boy, but to see him in a scene just unbearable. For the rest part of this scene, all five stars! BTW, can we expect more Colby or Mecum? CB need a top top top. OzPinny on 08/13/2015 What an absolute visual delight this scene was, and so fun and sexy! Both stunningly beautiful guys and some really lovely backdrops, with the bamboo surrounds and the running shower being my favourites. I loved the interactions at the beginning and the touching and kissing that continued throughout the whole scene. They were clearly into each other and this was even more evident when they got down to business. Justin provided Liam with a whole other kind of shower (holy cumshots!) and then lovingly washed him off and gave him some post loving love. Liam's cumshot was nothing to scoff at either and loved the angle! Amazing as always guys, really enjoyed it xx P.s Can I just say how much I loved Liam's hair in this one! quiet1 on 08/13/2015 So many aspects of this scene were beautiful. The setting, the lighting, the shots, the models, the sounds..... just everything. I also just want to say that although I get that everyone has different taste in men I don't understand how people can't see the masculinity of Liam.There is so much that says male power and presence. Yes he is softer spoken and has a slighter build than some of the models but still I think those that disregard him or degrade his masculinity and his work are being narrow minded. Five stars for Liam, Justin and the team. Glad you had a great weekend at Fire Island. Show More Comments

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