Justin Matthews & Max Carter Flip-Fuck

Featuring Justin Matthews & Max Carter

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Released: 11/04/2014 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking, Muscled Featuring: Justin Matthews & Max Carter

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Justin Matthews and Max Carter are different in a lot of ways, but that just made the chemistry between them even hotter. Max has very chiseled, European features, so naturally he said Justin's "all-American football jock" look was a huge turn-on for him. And Justin was the first to admit he hasn't had many dicks in his ass, but he had a big smile on his face talking about how eager he was for Max's cock.

Max couldn't wait to start blowing Justin's cock -- which he said had to be in the 7.5 to 8 inch range -- and he definitely went to town on it. Justin was moaning from the get-go, especially when he got a hold of Max's dick and they 69'd. Max really wanted to get plowed by this point, so it wasn't long before he began riding Justin's cock for what seemed like hours.

And then finally, it was Justin's turn to get fucked. The look on his face when Max first started nailing him from behind was priceless. Justin was totally loving every second of it, all the way up to the final climax where the guys both shot huge loads on his torso. Justin's the type of uninhibited guy whose sexuality is always blossoming on screen, and this time Max really gave him a run for his money!


Jake Jaxson

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Justin Matthews Justin Matthews Max Carter Max Carter

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Vince on 11/05/2014 This was one great scene. I could have watched it over and over. Justin is incredibly handsome. He is really getting more and more expressive too. There isn't one part of this scene that could have been better. Max's sharp features next to Justin's was quite hot. The 69 scene could have gone on for hours. Loved watching Justin take Max's cock while he fucked his face. Then the fucki Vince on 11/05/2014 OOPS comment got cut short. Anyway, the fucking was wonderful too. I love it when a man stays as hard as Max did while Justin was inside of him. And Justin's cum shot was one of the best. Great job all around guys. rAdelaidegrl on 11/06/2014 Wow, that was massively hot! My favourite scenes always involve one of the participants just losing themselves in how good it feels, and I think in this scene it was Justin Matthews getting fucked that qualified. The noises he made were amazing! Max seemed to be the perfect partner for him too, just intuitively knowing the best way to give pleasure. Anyway, great scene! Tommy on 11/06/2014 Two incredible men! They are both perfect! trex on 11/06/2014 OK, its time to stop the nonsense about Justin being a "top" and give us a scene where he is a total bottom and just gets rimmed and fucked really good. cgilles on 11/06/2014 Franchement, que Matthews se fasse enculer, ce n'est pas un évènement : quand on aime le sexe on l'aime pour tout. La scène est tout juste correcte : chacun des deux a fait bien mieux précédemment. Je l'ai notée 2 parce que, maintenant que tout le monde est rentré, j'espère que l'on est enfin sorti des classes biberon, du bouche trou néenderthalien et des expérimentations "cinématographiques" hasardeuses : n'en déplaise à M. Apple, peut-être "gay" mais tout aussi truand que son prédécesseur, des bouts d'iPhone collés n'importe comment les uns après les autres ne feront jamais un "scénario" (pourtant ce n'est pas du Billy Wilder que l'on vient chercher ici). Et, putain, quitte à faire des doublons, des triplons ou plus et des trios, des quatuors ou des partouzes, donnez en fin à Levi Karter des partenaires dignes de lui. Moi, à leur place, je serais le premier faire la queue (sans jeu de mots douteux) et à resquiller. Vous rendez vous compte que vous avez en lui la suprême "icone gay", le Joseph Sayers de maintenant; en plus, non contents d'avoir la même charge érotique naturelle, instintive, immédiate et continue, violente et tendre (plus chez Karter) ils doivent faire la même taille ! Gia on 11/06/2014 I LOVE Justin!! S. on 11/06/2014 Holy shit.... Justin Matthews just keeps getting better and better. I think he is wonderful. Such a hot scene - I'm not much of a Max Carter follower but this was really superb for both guys. DeWayne in SD on 11/06/2014 Max and Justin have been featured (separately)in some of the hottest gay sex parings of all time! This had to have been a no brainier of a casting decision. ;-) The standout RJ Sebastian videography seems to worship every inch and hair of their sun splashed body’s. Like many Cockyboys videos the languid sensual opening is like foreplay taking its time working us into the mood. When the guys move to the 69 the sexual vibe changes the breathing shortens the cocks are rigid and you know both are working them selves into a “we gotta fuck” frenzy! Max climbs on first to ride but what surprised me here is Max fairly quickly takes over flipping Justin around to fuck him! For the rest of the scene this is Max Carters moment to shine as top man! And the ultimate tops triumph is getting your bottom to a body wracking splattering Orgasm! Justin Matthews may not have much bottoming experience but the glazed half smile at the end shows he loved this session with Max Carter! Hopefully more Justin bottoming scenes will be seen on Cockyboys..Justin has learned a new skill! Show More Comments

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