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Max Adonis

Max Adonis

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Fun & uninhibited model & performer Max Adonis is up for anything that comes his way..with a sexy smile on his face. This adventurous and versatile guy with a wide-ranging taste in men and sexual situations cannot be defined or labelled and doesn't care what people think about him. His tattoo about says it all: "Only God Can Judge Me"

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Atafafnir on 05/23/2018 Yes, Max is a perfect addition to CB. So sweet, so tender and sexy. More impressive vids with this package, please. I´m sure it would be amazing to let him take powerful cocks. heterodoxy on 05/25/2018 What an ass hansvon on 05/26/2018 beautiful ass, personality Brad on 05/27/2018 I can't wait to see Max's next feature! He is amazing!!! Hot for Max on 05/28/2018 All i can say is OMG hot AF!!!!!! Much more Max please, he has a great personality and an awesome smile. Hurry and make him an exclusive so he dont get away! Cocky Jim on 06/08/2018 What a Cutie! JUPITER on 08/16/2018 My very favorite here. More please. Irving on 08/25/2018 Hallo Max Adonis, you are my man at Cockyboys, your body is amazing hot, hairy chest and like your sensitive nipples to see them sucked too... Max Adonis you are 1 hot bottom too,love to see you get fucked, you are the best !!! Irving on 08/25/2018 Max Adonis are you on Twitter or Facebook too?? Love to meet you Max, you are so sexy hot !! Andy Redd on 02/03/2019 Max is the reason I rejoined cockyboys. He’s the perfect package: handsome, sexy, hairy and an amazing bottom. I really hope that you get him back soon. He’s the best guy on the site! RUPERT on 04/02/2019 Really quite a special guy with very attractive looks and personality, and with a quiet but beautiful sensuality about his personality. The type of guy who would be a pleasure to meet and get to know Horny AF on 04/16/2019 Max is just insanely, ridiculously hot. More Max always, please! RUPERT007 on 09/02/2019 There is something about Max that makes you want to just have around as he exudes a really personality. Have been attracted to him the first time I set eyes on him Love is versality Hmmm xx HotandHairy on 05/14/2020 Love his hairy ass ????

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