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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Colby Keller, Allen King, Sean Ford, Levi Karter, Dato Foland, Arad WinWin, Valentin Braun, Calvin Banks & Francois Sagat

This four-part anthology film from legendary gay auteur, Bruce LaBruce, portrays his "take no prisoners" approach to filmmaking. He is constantly pushing past the boundaries imposed on gay culture and queer cinema and these shorts are no different.


Diablo In Madrid: A New Film by Bruce LaBruce

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Featuring: Allen King, Colby Keller & Sean Ford

Description: A Note From Jake Jaxson: It is a distinct pleasure to present Diablo In Madrid, the first film in a four-part Anthology from the iconic underground filmmaker Bruce LaBruce. It has been over seven years since Bruce has written and directed a gay porn—his last being LA Zombies, with one of my favorite tag lines, “He came to fuck the dead back to Life!” Working with Bruce on this anthology has been a dream come true. Bruce has been a huge inspiration to me, and his "take no prisoners" approach to filmmaking has greatly influenced my work, as he is constantly pushing past the boundaries imposed on gay culture and queer cinema. A few years ago we met at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, during a retrospective of his work, and at that time I was a just a fan excited to [more....]

Bruce LaBruce's Flea Pit

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Featuring: Arad WinWin, Dato Foland, Levi Karter & Valentin Braun

Description: Note From Jake Jaxson: The director of such iconoclastic, provocative indie films as “No Skin Off My Ass” (1993), “Super 8 ½” (1994), “Hustler White” (1996), “The Raspberry Reich” (2004) and 2010’s “L.A. Zombie” starring gay adult megastar Francois Sagat, Bruce La Bruce comes to pornography with a clear sense of revolution — queer revolution. Gay pornography may be the last bastion of true, queer radicalism. I feel like I always wanted to be Bruce LaBruce! In college, I was this sheltered white, conservative, religious Southerner growing up in the sleepy college town of Baton Rouge. And this guy was so cool and the movies he was making were so out there and audacious. At the time I was making documentaries about restaurants in New Orleans and [more....]

Bruce LaBruce's Uber Menschen

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Featuring: Calvin Banks & Colby Keller

Description: A chance encounter on a hot summer day in Madrid alters the lives of two men: Mariano (Colby Keller) a professor (last seen in Diablo In Madrid) on sabbatical and Arturo (Calvin Banks), a taxi driver who takes his fare on a fateful trip. It begins at a busy sidewalk cafe where everyone is lively, except for Mariano who sits alone reading and contemplating his drink. Arturo arrives to take Mariano to the Segovia Viaduct and on the way the chatty driver purposely engages the sullen and distracted professor in conversation. Even after Arturo drops off his fare, the seemingly pesky and nosy young man winds up following Mariano to the top of the viaduct as dusk descends. Arturo persists in chatting with Mariano until he finally convinces the professor to join him on a tour of the city. [more....]

Bruce LaBruce's Purple Army Faction

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Featuring: Arad WinWin, Dato Foland, Francois Sagat & Levi Karter

Description: Note From Jake Jaxson: Yes, that is the Berlin Wall they are fucking on! As a child of the 80’s, I came of age during the last days of the Cold War and under the threat of total nuclear destruction. We had duck-and-cover drills, “The Day After” network miniseries, and FEAR—lots and lots of FEAR. Yet, looking back now and seeing clips of President Regan saying “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” they seem like the golden years compared to the insanity of the current millennium. In reality, I guess it always feels like the end of the world...if we let it. More and more we have become compartmentalized and isolated, not only in our politics but even in Love and life. In fact, we even compartmentalize our porn — with rigid rules of dos and don’ts. It’s [more....]


Allen King Allen King
Colby Keller Colby Keller
Sean Ford Sean Ford
Arad WinWin Arad WinWin
Dato Foland Dato Foland
Levi Karter Levi Karter
Valentin Braun Valentin Braun
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Francois Sagat Francois Sagat

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