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Valentin Braun

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Good-looking dancer and performer from Berlin, Valentin Braun lives and works in Brussels and has been described as the face of new wave porn. He crossed over from dancing to the sex-positive Pornceptual movement, combining art and porn, and had done several short films before his first appearance at CockyBoys. Valentin brings his joyful spirit and ideas about porn as art to his work here. A perfect match, perhaps?

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Jessie on 11/15/2017 What a beautiful creature! After seeing his first scene at Cockyboys with Ken Summers, I looked around for more of his work, and I'm enjoying watching his dance, porn, and modeling. He has great talent and a deep soul. Please keep him. I'd like to see what he could come up with in a collaboration with Colby Keller. jimwilks8 on 11/16/2017 Gee, Jessie, what a fabulous idea! Yeah, connect the fresh faced kid with toxic Colby Keller and start a whole new round of controversy and bring the kid down in the process. You really should be a casting director with talent like this for pairing... Sheesh. Jessie on 11/16/2017 JIMWILKS8, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I was interested in the artistic parallels that I was seeing, and I had forgotten about the controversy. I did not mean to open a painful wound. swmr on 12/11/2017 What a God. He exudes sexuality in every way. Jessie on 03/19/2018 After seeing the recent releases of "Diablo in Madrid" and "Flea Pit" from the same series - one each of which feature Valentin Braun and Colby Keller - it dawned on me that there was a misunderstanding in these comments that I want to clear up. I did not suggest a "pairing", I suggested a collaboration. I was taken by Valentin's expansive history of performance, and Keller's remarkable creativity as performer and director. I was not assuming a pairing, and indeed porn does not require any pairing to be good and entertaining. Simply a meeting of the minds, and seeing what might arise. These comments were made a long time ago, but this clarification came up just now. Barnsphart on 04/04/2018 Wow! Valentine is amazing! Beautiful body, beautiful cock and ass, beautiful everything. A super talented guy. Thanks for bringing him to Cockyboys. srr5411 on 04/06/2020 Valentin is simply a wonderful guy - that comes through clearly in his sensitive, but passionate love-making. His dancer's physique is a welcome contrast to muscle boys, and his smile lights up like sunshine. One little thing - grateful that he keeps his pubes intact all over and underneath. Kudos and many thanks to Valentin - great performances.

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