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Arad WinWin

Arad WinWin

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Arad WinWin is CockyBoys' newest tall and handsome Persian dreamboat. With his rock-hard muscles, almond-shaped eyes, and thick cock, he's sure to give whoever he's fucking a "win-win situation"... which is perhaps how he developed the nickname. And if you thought his body was intimidating, Arad really likes to take control when he pounds a guy -- you can tell he's had a lot of experience as a top and knows what he's doing. But it's also that very quality about him that makes him so endearing -- he can make any guy feel protected, comfortable, and totally submissive. Arad likes to dance at nightclubs on the side, more proof that guys go ga-ga for him even when his underwear is still on! Behind his seemingly intimidating exterior, though, Arad has a lot of positive energy and relies on hope and gratitude to stay centered.

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TSP on 12/08/2016 Arad on CockyBoys, cool! A scene with Arad and Tegan, PLEASE ! ! ! Atafafnir on 12/08/2016 Arad is a powerful sexy guy and I would pretty like to see more hot scenes with him. It´s very hard to see that his hot big shots aren´t used for cum swallowing. Please don´t wast it! Cockyboysfan on 12/09/2016 Stunning, present and sexy as fuck. Welcome x Ray on 12/21/2016 Beautiful man, and killer body, I mean everything is perfect. Apple Pie on 01/10/2017 Have been a fan since Arad's works in other websites. I loved his role of being a good jock that saves the nerd specially :D I would love to see him being the protector here too :D RKK on 04/05/2017 Hope to see Arad bottom soon! LLL on 05/01/2017 I like him. want to meet you rb on 08/13/2017 Arad is that one guy you wish you could have. Anyone lucky enough to date or eventually have a lifetime relationship with him would be a very lucky guy. i love arad on 09/10/2017 King of the site I like to see you violent Violent and be authoritarian Irving Wever on 10/19/2017 Like you ARAD WINWIN, your amazing smooth chest, your nipples and off course huge manpiece you have, makes you 1 of my favorites man at Cockyboys, cannot miss any video of yours ARAD, you are so HOTTTT !!! Combeback soon bro ! Irving Wever on 10/19/2017 ARAD, did you every bottom in a scene at Cockyboys....or are you more a TOP ? Jay on 11/23/2017 Arad is truly very sexy so please let there be more scenes with this hot stud!

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