Just One Night
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Just One Night

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Calvin Banks, Allen King, Levi Karter, Sean Zevran, Taylor Reign, Jacen Zhu, Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay



JUST ONE NIGHT: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran

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Featuring: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Since moving from the city almost six years ago, our projects have often been shot in a more pastoral setting -- focusing on our love for the outdoors and the quiet of the country. From time to time, I find myself in my old stomping grounds of New York City. Often the sights, the sounds, and the general hullabaloo of the place are more jarring and aggravating than they used to be. Perhaps my sensitivities are heightened by growing older and such a contrast from the quiet of my current life. For some reason sounds seem louder to me now more than ever. And there are just some city noises that just ride and rip up my spine, tapping into the most receptive sensors in my brain that signal stress, upset and anxiety. And it was on just one of those [more....]

JUST ONE NIGHT: Allen King & Calvin Banks

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Featuring: Allen King & Calvin Banks

Description: Sometimes you meet someone special when you stop trying so hard. So it is for Calvin Banks who watches all the fun interaction going on all around him at a club one night but just can't make a connection with anyone. However, later on the subway stranger Allen King appears and they exchange glances and sweet smiles. Calvin gets off at his stop and keeps it cool as Allen follows him to his jeep and climbs in. "You wanna go somewhere?" is all Calvin has to ask and he silently drives Allen to a secluded spot in the country to park and make out. While he was awkwardly shy earlier at the club, Calvin is much more self-assured and confident with Allen. He merely signals Allen to join him at the front of the car with the headlights on and make out. As Allen goes down on Calvin to give his [more....]

JUST ONE NIGHT: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

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Featuring: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

Description: "I don't want my job to be a graveyard of boys that never call back." As the host of happening late night parties Jacen Zhu keeps things professional and doesn't go after all the hot guys around him. However he makes an exception to his rules with an after-hours invitation to sweet but persistent club goer Taylor Reign. Later as they chat on his well-appointed terrace Jacen remains guarded, but when Taylor puts subtly seductive moves on him, Jacen's lust shatters his rules and he brings him inside where they kiss at length with romantic passion. Passion takes an unexpected turn when Jacen puts Taylor on all fours yanks down his pants, and buries his face in his musky crack. Remaining mostly dressed, he rims Taylor deeply and takes a verbally and physically dominant role. He slaps [more....]

JUST ONE NIGHT: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

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Featuring: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

Description: Boomer Banks heads home after a hot party but he's sure not ready to call it a night. Neither is Michael DelRay. They're both on the prowl, crossing paths at an unlikely spot, exchanging lusty glances and drawing closer. After a few grazing gestures, Boomer takes Michael by the hand to a fire escape outside his building. There they make out and Boomer boldly sucks Michael's cock before taking him up to the roof to suck him more and rim him. At the highest roof level they kiss and gaze at the cityscape, but Boomer gets to the point with dead seriousness: "Do you want to stay here and watch the view or do you wanna go fuck?" In Boomer's bedroom they waste little time. Michael pushes a delighted Boomer to a chair and pulls off his pants to suck and slightly choke on his cock. An [more....]


Levi Karter Levi Karter
Sean Zevran Sean Zevran
Allen King Allen King
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Jacen Zhu Jacen Zhu
Taylor Reign Taylor Reign
Boomer Banks Boomer Banks
Michael DelRay Michael DelRay

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