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Just Being Me

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Levi Karter, Ben Masters, Taylor Reign, Ty Mitchell, Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

Description: Directors Note:

We are celebrating a new kind of sexual revolution. Porn is becoming less taboo, Sex is an app-swipe away and stigmas are fading as the need to lie about who we are (while still challenging) has become less so.

Yet, we face new challenges as we embrace our newfound openness — like the need to tribalize (and even fetishize) sex, race and masculinity — as we sign in, upload and check off the buttons of preference on our way to pre-negotiated sex; in that process many may be missing the opportunity to truly explore and discover who they are, still trapped in the “what will people think” section of their mind.

That is why I have asked some of the boys and men I know to openly share their authentic self in this new series — JUST BEING ME.

As always, thank you all for your support of our work, and these truly magnificent men — our CockyBoys!


Just Being Me: Ben Masters & Levi Karter

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Featuring: Ben Masters & Levi Karter

Description: Directors Note: For some time now, I have shared my firm belief that porn has ‪Purpose. That statement is often met with blank faces and eyerolls. Ironically most of the eye-rolling comes from fellow folks working in or consuming porn. How often have I heard, “Shut up – it’s JUST porn!” Or even more cynically — “It’s just porn, we’re not curing cancer!” It is in those moments that I feel more connected to my purpose of porn, remembering back to my early teens when overcome by the confusion of conscious and desire, I found and stole my first gay porn magazine — Blonds Do It Best. And it was in that moment, that I was FINALLY able to see, in vivid color, what I have been imagining, wanting and believing was true. I was not crazy, I was not a mistake, I [more....]

Just Being Me: Taylor Reign & Ty Mitchell

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Featuring: Taylor Reign & Ty Mitchell

Description: You may think you already know hot, vivacious Ty Mitchell, but there's a powerful story of his journey to who he is now, revealed here in his own words. As part of this revelation Ty pulls back the curtains to show you and Taylor Reign another side to his contemporary self as drag queen Kelsey Dagger! After a evening out as Kelsey, Ty joins Taylor for a night of sensual pleasure and raw, uninhibited sex. Taylor finds Ty sexy in all his many facets and lets him know it in words and actions with some slow-burning making out. After Taylor reaches around and plays with his bubble butt and hole, Ty wraps his full lips and warm mouth around Taylor's shaft. Ty's relentlessly pleasurable sucking revs up Taylor to get more aggressive and soon he's face-fucking Ty in all kinds of [more....]

Just Being Me: Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

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Featuring: Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

Description: Back by popular demand, it's the long-awaited rematch of Carter Dane & Alex Mecum in a fun & hot condom-free scene!! Now a real-life couple, Carter & Alex touch upon their meeting, dating afterward and their relationship now as they invite you into their bedroom. Playful and passionately sensual foreplay leads to Carter sucking Alex's picturesque cock as they continue to exchange loving compliments. Yet they also want to do something new: deep throating! And so with Carter on his back Alex feeds him his cock. Carter takes Alex's cock into his throat and soon Alex leans forward in a 69. Soon though Alex vocalizes his desire for Carter's perfect butt and Carter's response is simple: "Come & get it". Alex rims and plays with his ass as Carter stands on the bed and holds the headboard [more....]


Ben Masters Ben Masters
Levi Karter Levi Karter
Taylor Reign Taylor Reign
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell
Alex Mecum Alex Mecum
Carter Dane Carter Dane

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