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Clark Davis

Clark Davis

Meet Clark

You'd be wise to avoid labeling Clark Davis. With his clothes on, you might see a relatively quiet, intelligent & well-spoken, bespectacled young man with chiseled good looks. Underneath those clothes you'll find a sexy & dynamically sexual & versatile stud with a rockin' & ripped muscular body, prominent tattoos. There's no dichotomy here. Clark Davis is a total blend of all you see and perceive...and more. As he says in his own words. "I'm just intense, passionate & aggressive."

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Schatze2 on 01/25/2019 Gorgeous guy! Beautiful body! Huge thick cock! He has it all!!! Kc on 01/29/2019 Need more of clark! Rocky on 03/13/2019 Clark is just great, I can not find a complete description. BUT, where is he ? Just one episode ? Are (or he) you serious ? Do something ! MMMIA on 03/26/2019 He is beautiful!! More !!! More!! CJS2552 on 04/17/2019 ANYONE KNOW HOW BIG HIS DICK IS? LOOKS LIKE A 9!! CJS2552 on 04/17/2019 ANYONE KNOW HOW BIG HIS DICK IS? HAS TO BE AT LEAST 9!!!! james gregg on 09/17/2019 Clark is a stud!! tschmalz on 11/30/2019 He's so damn perfect. Need LOTS more of him, specifically topping. mattmia on 02/12/2020 LOVE HIM !!!!!!!! Ringedrod on 06/15/2020 I agree we need to see more of Clark Davis in action. Happy Pride and keep safe and healthy, Clark.

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