Mateo Vice

Mateo Vice

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Good-looking, sweet smiled Mateo Vice describes himself as a laid back guy, a lover of food, anime, club music and the great outd0oors. Because he lives in Utah you might think of Mateo as clean-cut vanilla type. BUT, Mateo is also sexy and sexual with a hard edge. He has multiple tattoos and piercings and versatile to him means being submissive or dominant. Check him out and you'll find out hios last name is well-earned.

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dr on 09/19/2018 This guy is smokin HOTT. The nose bridge is a bit extreme but that's his choice, he's still cute as fuck Wannagetoff on 12/02/2018 Cute as fuck is right. Love his playfulness, beautiful smile & jawline, just overall yummy. Can't wait to see him in more films - loved Mateo with Calvin OMFG. I think he'd be amazing paired up with Angel Cruz for an amazing flipfuck. Horny AF on 02/01/2019 This guy is so fucking hot. His confident sex appeal, adorable charm, and super fit body are a potently sexy combination. More Mateo, please! starryconstellations on 03/07/2019 So glad he's finally an exclusive! Mateo is hands-down one of my favorite porn stars of the moment. I enjoy watching him with any and everyone. He just has a way of making each scene his own and bringing so much personality/playfulness. Love him <3

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