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Mateo Vice

Mateo Vice

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Good-looking, sweet smiled Mateo Vice describes himself as a laid back guy, a lover of food, anime, club music and the great outd0oors. Because he lives in Utah you might think of Mateo as clean-cut vanilla type. BUT, Mateo is also sexy and sexual with a hard edge. He has multiple tattoos and piercings and versatile to him means being submissive or dominant. Check him out and you'll find out hios last name is well-earned.

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dr on 09/19/2018 This guy is smokin HOTT. The nose bridge is a bit extreme but that's his choice, he's still cute as fuck Wannagetoff on 12/02/2018 Cute as fuck is right. Love his playfulness, beautiful smile & jawline, just overall yummy. Can't wait to see him in more films - loved Mateo with Calvin OMFG. I think he'd be amazing paired up with Angel Cruz for an amazing flipfuck. Horny AF on 02/01/2019 This guy is so fucking hot. His confident sex appeal, adorable charm, and super fit body are a potently sexy combination. More Mateo, please! starryconstellations on 03/07/2019 So glad he's finally an exclusive! Mateo is hands-down one of my favorite porn stars of the moment. I enjoy watching him with any and everyone. He just has a way of making each scene his own and bringing so much personality/playfulness. Love him <3 Cajungirl on 04/26/2019 Love you Mateo. I love that your beautiful personality comes out in your scenes. You are so very Passionate... Thank you for being you !!! ?-Sherry Kiki on 04/26/2019 A great addition to Cockyboys! Can't wait to see many more scenes with Mateo, hopefully one with Clark! Fingers crossed! toolelover on 09/13/2019 So cute! He's a great cocksucker and bottom. His little goatee is so sexy! TR2020 on 02/14/2020 Missing Mateo! Need more scenes with him. He's the hottest Cocky Boy ever. That ass is f'ing amazing and he knows how to suck cock like no one else. Foreverloyal86 on 04/17/2020 I'm actually not a fan of piercings, but when I saw Mateo I fell in love immediately. His piercings make him even hotter and add some sexiness to his cute face. The first time I saw Mateo was in his debut with Calvin Banks. I thought "oh cute"... Until they switched roles and Mateo was topping. Really had me speechless, I bet a lot of people didn't expect him to be this raw and intense! I love it when Mateo "throws" his hands on his bottoms butt, he's so perfect for spanking other guys! I hope we get to see a lot more of this stunning gorgeous man! Edsel Misenas on 05/29/2020 Love at first sight, Mateo Vice <3 Love you, Mateo!

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