Blind Hookups
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Blind Hookups

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Frankie Valentine, Alexander King, Alex Mecum, Carter Dane, Colby Keller, Jeremy Spreadums, Taylor Reign & Josh Moore

Description: In a dark hotel room Taylor Reign is tied to a chair and blindfolded, his hard cock poking out of his skimpy jock strap as he awaits his master. Josh Moore enters the room quietly, slowly stripping down and teasing the sightless Taylor psychologically. Thus begins a DVD full of guys' wildest dreams fulfilled. We have our stars the opportunity make their fantasies come true the results are astounding!


Alexander King Fucks Frankie V

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Featuring: Alexander King & Frankie Valentine

Description: Frankie V continues to be one of the most transcendent CockyBoys around. His delicate yet severe features -- everything from his inked out body to his alluring baby face to his enigmatic personality -- make him the very definition of versatile. So when he's around someone new, you can expect a fresh, unique, and sexy experience every time. You might call our newest CockyBoy, Alexander King, the very opposite of Frankie. And when they got together for the first time, the chemistry was off the charts. Alexander has a dark, muscular build, a thick uncut cock, and a very adventurous, dominating personality. Frankie was in town for the night and couldn't help but fantasize about Alexander after first locking eyes with him earlier in his hotel. That fantasy turned to reality when Alexander [more....]

Alex Mecum Fucks Carter Dane

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Featuring: Alex Mecum & Carter Dane

Description: It's a cold and grey afternoon so Alex Mecum and Carter Dane head indoors for cuddling on the couch. But that's boring so Alex asks Carter what he likes to do when the weather turns wicked. Carter's always horny and he wants to get Alex on his level so he asks him about his most secret fantasy. And Alex has a good one! Alex talks about being tied up and blindfolded in the woods when a stranger comes along and has his way with him. Of course, this stranger is Carger Dane and the fantasy is acted out in real life. Fantasy Carter teases Alex and strips him down to the bone before treating him to a first class blow job while tied to a tree. Alex's fantasy includes being forced to cum whenever Carter likes so he surrenders complete control and before you know he's hosing fantasy Carter down [more....]

Colby Keller Fucks Jeremy Spreadums!

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Featuring: Colby Keller & Jeremy Spreadums

Description: Los Angeles, California… home to sexy, tanned, muscular studs who are questionably gay. Jeremy Spreadums seems to have it all figured out, though, especially when he goes out jogging at the park near his home. On one particular occasion, he made eye contact with another jogger who seemed to be following him… all the way back to his place in fact. By the way Jeremy described him, this man embodied a lot of the same characteristics as Colby Keller. Aggressive, determined to get what he wants, and a total top. The guys began making out in the secrecy of an outdoor shower near Jeremy’s pool. Unable to control his sex drive, Colby quickly stripped down and forced Jeremy’s eager lips around his cock. Jeremy was in a dream world, at one point whispering how long he’s wanted [more....]

Wildest Dreams with Josh Moore & Taylor Reign!

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Featuring: Josh Moore & Taylor Reign

Description: Taylor Reign has long wanted to be manhandled and finally his "Wildest Dream" comes true. In a dark hotel room he's tied to a chair and blindfolded, his hard cock poking out of his skimpy jock strap as he awaits his master. Josh Moore enters the room quietly, slowly stripping down and teasing the sightless Taylor psychologically. He begins a game of silent, sensual domination, deep-kissing Taylor and playing with his rock hard body. Josh plants kisses over Taylor's body and purposely grazes his cock before grinds his own bulging crotch against Taylor's shoulder as he gives him his thumb to suck. Taylor can feel Josh's foreskin sliding across his shoulder and soon he gets his first taste of cock. Josh progressively gives him more, and a taste of underwear, before he thrusts in giving [more....]


Alexander King Alexander King
Frankie Valentine Frankie Valentine
Alex Mecum Alex Mecum
Carter Dane Carter Dane
Colby Keller Colby Keller
Jeremy Spreadums Jeremy Spreadums
Josh Moore Josh Moore
Taylor Reign Taylor Reign

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