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Bare Muscle
3 Episodes in this series

Bare Muscle


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Cory Kane, Clark Davis, Cade Maddox, Austin Avery, Wess Russel, Max Konnor & Chris Loan

Description: We cannot lie - we love our big muscly boys. It's so hot watch a titan like Chris Loan being fucked by Austin Wolf while Cade Maddox's thick cock stretches Austin Avery open. You definitely don't want to miss out on Max's huge bare cock pounding our favorite muscle bottom, Wess Russel. Bare Muscle is for you.


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Cory Kane & Clark Davis New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane & Clark Davis

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Featuring: Clark Davis & Cory Kane

Description: After months of online flirting Clark Davis finally gets together with Cory Kane for a raw flip-fuck in Montreal! Cory shows the first time visitor around and later makes his move while Clark is doing yoga in his tight pants. Cory kisses his neck and tugs those pants down to tongue Clark's hairy hole & make him moan in pleasure...and encourage him. Cory doesn't take long to Clark's shirt off and his own and bury his face in his crack. In no time Clark teases Cory with his muscled ass and gets it in return from Cory's fat cock. After again wrapping his arms around Clark's ripped body, Cory sits back to get sucked. Clark's slow sensual sucking, attentive to every inch of his shaft inspires Cory to return the favor. And soon he's leaning back getting face-fucked by Clark's straight rod. [more....]

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Cade Maddox & Austin Avery New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cade Maddox & Austin Avery

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Featuring: Austin Avery & Cade Maddox

Description: Fresh-faced cutie Austin Avery makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys in a big way: a condomless poolside scene with sultry super-top Cade Maddox! One minute they're giving each other "the look", the next they're making out. Cade's passionate, wet kisses ignite Austin to orally worship his solid, sculpted veiny muscles and lustfully desire the hard cock stretching his shorts. Awestruck but not intimidated by his thick cock, Austin gulps it down. Austin pleases Cade by trying to deep-throat him and in no time the fast learning cocksucker is taking Cade's full cock even as he's face-fucked. Turned on by Cade's "top energy", a vocal Austin eagerly flips his legs back so Cade slobber all over his hole and finger him. In time Austin helps guide Cade's monster cock inside him and before long [more....]

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Max Konnor & Wess Russel New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Max Konnor & Wess Russel

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Featuring: Max Konnor & Wess Russel

Description: Muscle duo Wess Russel & Max Konnor get together and the sexual attraction is so strong they just can't define it in a few words... only action. Their condom-free scene begins sensually but before long Wess is swallowing Max's cock. Max loves it and feeding Wess' mouth but he also has his eye...and hands...on Wess' big muscle ass. Finally after lots of sucking he gets what he wants. He bends over a chair and voraciously buries his mouth and tongue on his smooth hole. After spending some time on his hole Max also spanks Wess' granite butt and teases his hole. Then he gives Wess what he's been craving. Sliding his cock in slow Max soon goes harder to expand Wess' hole. After getting in deep, Max gives his hole a break ..but not his mouth. He lays Wess on his back to face fuck and [more....]


Clark Davis Clark Davis
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Austin Avery Austin Avery
Cade Maddox Cade Maddox
Max Konnor Max Konnor
Wess Russel Wess Russel

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