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Austin Avery

Austin Avery

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Austin Avery looks like the sweet, clean-cut guy next door type and was raised that way, but actually he's always been a sexual person. He learned about his sexual identity through secretly watching porn and after Austin was on his own he explored his sexual side freely. Sexually versatile Austin is an adventurous exhibitionist, so it should come as no surprise he's a go-go boy who has taken the next logical step for himself by filming erotica.

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Dan2019 on 06/26/2019 Wonderful addition to Cockyboys! MMMIA on 07/23/2019 Adorable FACE! Hot ASS!! MMMIA on 07/23/2019 Also LOVE he has NO Tattoo's!! THEOTHERONE on 07/31/2019 I can’t be the only one that thinks he looks like Tom Holland... RUPERT007 on 08/18/2019 Such a natural guy who just provides a very beautiful experience Horny AF on 09/24/2019 Austin is so fucking sexy. Love this guy! VatoLa on 09/28/2019 @theotherone - You are NOT. I thought the exact same thing!!!! Papa on 10/25/2020 I would love to see an Austin Avery/Angel Rivera video. I think it would be way hot! Cumslut on 12/14/2020 Love his new video... Kafka on 01/27/2024 With his long hair, he is so beautiful, sexy, charismatic, photogenic !

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