Wess Russel

Wess Russel

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Wess Russel is a sweet, soft-spoken muscle jock with a seemingly shy and innocent demeanor. In fact Wess came out at an early age in a conservative environment and could not be repressed. Virtually on his own as a teenager, Wess is street-wise, but not jaded,. As for being quiet, that's definitely not something you'll find when you see him in action. That big ram's head tattoo on his back was chosen for a reason

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WilliamB on 10/09/2018 This guy is a major plus to CB. Cannot wait to see him with dominant top. WannGetOff on 01/14/2019 We NEED more of Wess - love to see him with Calvin Banks, Justin Matthews or Allan King Romeodude on 01/20/2019 Wess is a very sexy guy, and after watching sevveral of his scenes, you can tell he really enjoys being a bottom....and a very 'responsive bottom' at that. He also has a great body and a nice dick and a very nice smile!

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