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A CockyBoy Is __________. Featuring Calvin Banks & Boomer Banks

Featuring Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks

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Released: 02/28/2017 Categorized Under: Tags: Flip-FuckingHung & Big DicksInk'dMen & BoysOral & Deep ThroatingUncut Featuring: Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks

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A Note from Jake Jaxson:

A CockyBoy is _________.

When we took over CockyBoys six years ago, we'd never run a membership web site before, we had no real experience producing gay adult entertainment, and everyone told us we were crazy—a perfect combination for total failure or smashing success.

And today I can say we have achieved success. We’ve surpassed all of our expectations and goals: we continue to work with the best in the business, we are supported by a wonderfully diverse and engaged community of friends, fans and members, we are creatively inspired by our work, and we love what we do. All of this combined, in my option, helps create the true measure of success, and allows us to be PROUD of the work we do. Indeed, recognition and financial stability are often counted as THE measure of success, but more and more I find that they are the results of hard and proud work, not always the measure of it.

And so it is with this sense of pride, and continued excitement, that we celebrate our 10 year anniversary as one of the gay adult industry's top studios. So this year we want to celebrate! We want to stay proud and continue to produce with a purpose.

Today, we start that with a new series that we will release thought out the year: A COCKY BOY IS __________. With this series, we will focus on and celebrate the unique, indomitable and fearless energy of our performers—the young men who choose to stand naked before us. I say it often—that I believe porn performers and sex workers are heroes, because they have learned to be open and honest about the one thing that cripples and stunts so many of us: the ability to accept and love our sexual self.

As gay men and woman, we are taught to be liars. We quickly realize that to live and flourish we must find ways to hide the truth, omit and suppress our reality. And often like a flower in a bed of weeds, we must adapt and fight to enjoy the light that is intended for us all—the light that’s not just reserved for those who believe they are right and righteous. While there is no doubt this fight makes us stronger, its scars are often hard to heal, and after years of hiding the most beautiful parts of our being—our sexual self—many are unable to escape the shame that we’ve been conditioned to feel.

There is a quote by Ernest Hemingway that always reminds me of so many of the men we work with, and also so many from the community of friends and fans that I have had the pleasure to meet over the years. He says, in a Farewell to Arms, "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places."

This quote so often brings me strength during my darker days, when pain seems to have no limit, or when fairness takes a holiday. I use this quote as a touch stone to remind me that so often the best parts of me now, were born from the worst parts of me—from that original lie that created shame, fear, regret, jealousy and doubt.

So with this new series, we want to celebrate the ambitions of the human beings that are the boys and men of CockyBoys. To show that our sexuality can live side by side with our personalities—that our sexual nature is a part of what makes us human, not in spite of our human nature.

Jake Jaxson

Description: CockyBoys is proud to present the first installment of our newest erotic-doc series, exploring and defining the diversity of our unique performers. Don't let the blank space in the title fool you— "A CockyBoy is _____." showcases all the intricate talents and hobbies of our guys that fill in the other parts of their lives you may not necessarily see on camera. First up, the legendary Boomer Banks takes us on the streets of Manhattan in the midst of New York Fashion Week. A dressmaker and fashion designer since he was a child, Boomer recalls teaching himself how to sew watching his mother use an industrial JUKI machine and then trying it out himself when she wasn't home. We're given a tour of his current apartment, decked out in sewing equipment, patterns, and sketches of a collection inspired by his mother's style.

Flash forward to 2017, and Boomer has not only worked with some of the hottest designers in New York, but has just released a men's collection with co-designer (and CockyBoys collaborator) BCALLA. Modeling the collection for Boomer is his friend and young apprentice, Calvin Banks (the Haus of Banks!), who couldn't be more excited to show off Boomer's fresh take on a completely gender fluid menswear collection. Consisting of leather, zippers, and even skirts and dresses, this collection goes beyond the brink of cutting edge. In fact, some articles make the art of stripping more convenient, much to Calvin's chagrin. Boomer carefully fits Calvin in his collection before gently stripping him back down, getting a taste of his cock. As Calvin explains, he and Boomer have an electric chemistry despite their vast differences both in physical appearance and in personality. Calvin's spunky energy is the perfect match for Boomer's more subdued, thoughtful vibe—whether it's putting a needle through fabric or getting nailed by his very own apprentice! Calvin's big cock proves quite a challenge for Boomer, but you know he really wants it. Calvin fucks him hard on a chair near the clothing rack face-to-face and from behind, with Boomer actually fucking himself against Calvin's dick before he finally pulls out.

Next up, it's Calvin's turn. Proving that flip-fucking is also an art form which the duo is very familiar, Boomer glides into Calvin with ease and passion. Calvin is loving every inch of Boomer's famous dick, making the most adorable contorted facial expressions and moans. Boomer lets Calvin on top of him to ride him, and Calvin almost reaches the point of no return. Thankfully, Calvin is like the Energizer Bunny and could get porked by Boomer for days. When he's finally ready to release his load, he drenches Boomer in a completely unexpected facial. Like all good pairings, Boomer and Calvin agree to even the playing field—Calvin's grinning cheeks in a headlock as Boomer returns the favor! Though still naked, it's safe to say the guys both look great fashioning each other's fluids.

Models Featured in this Scene

Boomer Banks Boomer Banks Calvin Banks Calvin Banks

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A CockyBoy Is ______.

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Featuring: Boomer Banks, Calvin Banks, Tegan Zayne, Jacen Zhu, Frankie Valentine & Justin Brody

CockyBoys is proud to present the first installment of our newest erotic-doc series, exploring and defining the diversity of our unique performers. Don't let the blank space in the title fool you— "A CockyBoy is _____." showcases all the intricate talents and hobbies of our guys that fill in the other parts of their lives you may not necessarily see on camera.

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Best Of 2017: Top 10

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Featuring: Alex Mecum, Carter Dane, Levi Karter, Colby Keller, Will Wikle, Ricky Roman, Justin Brody, Boomer Banks, Calvin Banks, Sean Ford, Josh Moore, Allen King, Andy Star, Ashton Summers, Sean Zevran, Taylor Reign & Jacen Zhu

Hi Y’all: I hope everyone of you have had and are still having a Happy Holiday and a good New Year! And boy, what a year it’s been. More and more, I feel our work has such purpose and I am blessed to work with such an amazing group of open, proud and creative group of young men.
Also, THANK YOU for supporting all of our work. Without your supporting and—yes—paying for your porn we would not be able to work with and support such a high caliber of performers — All dedicated to the Art of Porn. We know you all have many choices; please know we value and consider you an important and vital part of our business.
That said I am excited to present our Top Ten Scenes for 2017 featuring (in my humble opinion) the best performers working today!
These scenes and their ranking were chosen by a variety of factors: scene rating, downloads, google analytics and member comments. All were so good that we felt it necessary to give them an encore. This, in no way, takes away from all the other scenes and performers. In fact, many of my favorite scenes this year are not in the top ten. As such, this is a bit of fun and by no means diminishes from the quality of everyone’s work.
I have said this many times before: CockyBoys is more than just a company for us or a just way to make a living. It is a family business. It is an extension of our creative self. It is a way to give a voice to one’s sexual self; a way to be proud of what so many shame.
And that is why I say THANK YOU. Because without your energetic support, your love, your feedback and your encouragement -- this would just be "another porn site" -- and that we are NOT and as long as we are all here, it NEVER will be.

Joy and Peace to you all.
Love always, Jake Jaxson

Top Ten Countdown: Best of 2017

10 — Just One Night: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran
09 — Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck!
08 — Missed Connections: Justin Brody & Ricky Roman
07 — Just One Night: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign
06 — Allen King Fucks Andy Star!
05 — The Stillest Hour, Part 1: Levi Karter & Colby Keller
04 — A CockyBoy Is ______: Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks
03 — Introducing Exclusive Sean Ford With Calvin Banks
02 — Josh Moore & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck
01 — Alex Mecum Fucks Carter Dane

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