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ALL SAiNTS: Chapter 1 (Director's Cut)

Featuring Adam Ramzi, Calvin Banks, Carter Dane, Jacen Zhu, Levi Karter & Sean Ford

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Production Note: This special Director’s Cut of ALL SAiNTS premiered at the TelAviv Film Festival and acts as a way to catch up on past episodes. Prepare for the stunning conclusion of this epic mini-series debuting this Friday, November 27th! The final episode of All Saints features award-winning stars, Blake Mitchell & Carter Dane.


In the long-awaited sequel to ANSWERED PRAYERS virtually all roads lead to New Orleans and the site of a mysterious religious studies institute, funded by the strange Van Deerin family whose tragic history has woven through The Haunting, AP, Meeting Liam, and now ALL SAiNTS.  The institute is the epicenter for intrigue, inexplicable phenomenon, and seemingly unrelated characters all at the center of spiral traversing time and mystic realms.

Wheels are set in motion when precocious student Adrian (Calvin Banks) arrives at the institute, unknowingly under the watchful eye of ANSWERED PRAYERS' character Puck (Levi Karter), who has returned to our earthly plane. Adrian is late though, coming in the middle of a lecture on religion conducted by a professor & priest (Adam Ramzi). Though Adrian shines in the class and shows promise as the professor's potential research assistant with expertise in the Anunnaki mythology, he's admonished for his tardiness.

In NYC there's Carter Dane about to embark on his business trip for the Van Deerins to the New Orleans institute. But before going he calls his regular service to hire an escort..who turns out to be Puck. He attracts, intrigues & perplexes Carter, but their encounter goes awry when Carter's darkly dominant side erupts during oral sex. And while remorseful over his actions, Carter is confounded by Puck's cryptic remarks. Upon his arrival to the institute Carter learns his presumably short business trip as auditor will be a longer & more involved stay.

Adrian (Calvin Banks) isn't faring well as he gets  attitude from fellow student Troy Accola, thanks to a rumor that Adrian got his position by fucking the professor. In a flashback to a year before, Adrian tells Troy about meeting the professor (Adam Ramzi) as a fan of his writing. They get together for an intellectual discussion  but an impulsive kiss from Adrian (Calvin Banks) initiates a physical bond, described by Adrian as "the best day of my life."

Initially hesitant, the professor gives in to his desire and unfettered passion. Breathless kissing leads to fulfilling mutual blowjobs and as they go on, the professor priest loosens up even more. Ass play turns to the priest fucking Adrian every which way to both men climaxing intensely. In the long afterglow several things indicate that there may be more to Adrian than meets the eye.

The same can said of those at the religious institute as Carter audits the research files, starting with the "past lives project". As he discusses it with the professor (Adam Ramzi), Adrian and increasingly all-knowing intuitive student Troy Accola eavesdrop. And it's Troy who suddenly has a startling psychic vision when he gazing at Carter.

Later that night a chance encounter between Adrian & Carter on the streets of New Orleans ends abruptly when Carter sees Puck (Levi Karter)! Later when Carter returns to his hotel room, he prays and self-flagellates his body as he recalls the disturbingly violent and mind-blowing end of his NYC encounter with Puck .

 Sometime later while delving more into the past lives project files Carter is drawn to a confidential file over 50 years old. The subject is an unnamed teenager who has long suffered vivid nightmares of a past life in Depression Era Louisiana.  It's the life of a lonely, motherless John Van Deerin (Sean Ford) who wanders about the countryside digging up and collecting old bottles and who later encounters and is befriended by fellow junk collector Luke (Jacen Zhu )

As the "collectors" spend more time together, their friendship grows and they each share some of their special treasures with each other. John also awakens sexually, finding a strong attraction to his friend, leading him to ask Luke for his first sexual experience.

The more worldly Luke (Jacen Zhu) is gentle and tender with John (Sean Ford), slowly seducing him. Even when he first penetrates John he takes it slow, patiently waiting for him to want more. John gives his first blowjob and soon is ready to get the full pleasure of passionate fucking, eventually leading both young men to intensely powerful orgasms.

Much later, under the glow of the full moon, the lovers' tryst comes to its inevitable conclusion Luke finally understands the words of his beloved late mother "THE END iS JUST THE BEGiNNiNG."

As he finishes reading the file, the auditor (Carter Dane) is visited by Adrian (Calvin Banks) who again tries to befriend him. They find some common ground but when Adrian makes a romantic move he's rebuffed by Carter who is too consumed with self-loathing to allow things to go further.

Adrian is able to smooth things over with Troy Accola for he needs him as his assistant and witness for a debriefing. Adrian, chosen by the professor because of his Anunnaki knowledge , delves into it during a live online show...which the auditor (Carter Dane) watches intently. As a result the auditor later seeks out Adrian for advice on the possible sighting of an apparition ...who Adrian confesses he's seen too!

 The day arrives for the debriefing of The Banker (from ANSWERED PRAYERS), a mysterious individual (Ricky Roman) who claims to have had multiple encounters with celestial beings. The Banker's mere presence causes consternation and disturbing visions among several people present and in the de-briefing he makes multiple revelations.  It's Adrian though who presents the more shocking revelation, delivering a pointed question to The Banker....who is literally saved by the bell ...a ringing telephone.

Jake Jaxson

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