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LOVE HAPPENS: Dallas Preston, Drew Dixon & Roman Todd

Featuring Dallas Preston, Drew Dixon & Roman Todd

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Director's Notes:

Ladies & Germs — I’m happy to present “Jake Jaxson’s Love ❤️ Happens”, the post-pandemic ? porn comedy you never knew you wanted, but needed.

In all seriousness, the past year and a half has been an emotional roller coaster that has jerked us all around, while also showing how absolutely ridiculous we have all become — and that is the journey I wanted to take with LOVE HAPPENS — exploring my own ridiculousness. (So, basically, you will be watching my full mental breakdown in Technicolorporn!)

It’s my first feature in almost two years, so I’m both super excited, anxious, and nervous as fuck. The pace and face of porn changes rapidly, so I’m curious how it will be received, but I wanted to make something that was playful, fun, satirical, and asks the question “Do we really want to go back to normal?"

Always an optimist, I believe good things are ahead. Y’all remember that bumper-sticker “SHIT HAPPENS”? Well, that was 2020, and moving forward I’m gonna do my best to live, love, and work in a “LOVE HAPPENS” state of mind. Trust me, it’s not always easy but by choosing Love, Joy, Freedom, and Passion I was able to make this film with an absolutely brilliant cast that inspired me beyond words, and who saved me with their own desire to not just survive, but thrive.

So please watch, enjoy, and share — and for the price of a few cups of coffee, you can save this aging pornographer from becoming the Norma Desmond of gay porn.

Love Always, JJ

Scene Description:

What's really going down at Camp Morehawk, the sexual awakening retreat run by Brock Bankski ( Brock Banks)? A documentary crew has been invited to capture the weekend retreat and follow three couples there to rediscover their sexual selves. Along the way, the crew encounters the retreats hires: a couple of radical faeries (Max Adonis & Austin Avery) who have just signed on as "sexologists" and the bouncer/lifeguard Rocky Ranger (Roman Todd).

 First to arrive are pretentious, seemingly platonic buds Dallas Preston & Drew Dixon, ill-prepared for the retreat and its rules.  Unfortunately for them, Rocky (Roman Todd) is there to put them in their place. Soon though, Dallas sets his sights on Rocky/Roman and gets alone time to bond with the hunky lifeguard.  Envious Drew can only watch from the side as Dallas goes down on Rocky/Roman who makes Drew watch as he's deep-throated by Dallas.

When Dallas asks if Drew can join them, Rocky/Roman agrees and as he sits on the edge of the pool, they take turns sucking his cock. As inhibitions & feelings melt away, an increasingly emboldened Drew eats our Rocky/Roman, and when he lets Dallas rim the lifeguard, Drew gets out of the pool to face fuck Rocky/Roman. As he does, Drew bends forward to cross another threshold and make out with Dallas.

Rocky/Roman soon wants to fuck and Drew volunteers to go first...provided they can do it in the nearby ATV. Soon enough, Rocky/Roman plows Drew from behind while Dallas gleefully watches and makes out with the lifeguard. Dallas gets so excited he pleads to get fucked and Rocky/Roman does it, drilling him on his back atop the hood of the ATV.  Drew intently watches too and again makes out with Dallas as the sex intensifies very close to the edge and Dallas begs to be bred.

BUT, the best buds cross another barrier as Drew starts fucking Dallas from behind while Rocky/Roman watches. He doesn't stay on the sidelines for long though as he feeds his cock to Dallas as he's fucked.  Even that's not enough for Rocky/ Roman who gets behind them to drive a deep fuck train. When he's ready to blow Rocky/Roman gives Drew & Dallas a double facial and they in turn, one after the other give each other facials!

After just one day, the sexual retreat has inadvertent success with THREE very satisfied and "sexually awakened" individuals!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Dallas Preston Dallas Preston Drew Dixon Drew Dixon Roman Todd Roman Todd

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Love Happens

Do You Really Wanna Go Back To Normal?

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Featuring: Drew Dixon, Roman Todd, Dallas Preston, Austin Avery, Adrian Hart, Kane Fox, Nico Leon, Ari Avanti, Avery Jones, Leo Louis, Max Adonis & Brock Banks

What's really going down at Camp Morehawk, the sexual awakening retreat run by Brock Bankski ( Brock Banks)? A documentary crew has been invited to capture the weekend retreat and follow three couples there to rediscover their sexual selves.

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