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Dallas Preston

Dallas Preston

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Dallas Preston refers to himself as "America's Sweetheart" and you would be hard-pressed to argue with that. You would also have to look hard to find someone who is as lively and expressive as Dallas. You don't have to ask what Dallas is into, because this exhibitionist who likes things rough is an open book and uses social media and well as his scenes to let you know who he is.

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georgep2 on 07/02/2021 Great pick up and another escapee from Helix. SNAPPYTOM... on 07/03/2021 Seems like a succession plan - 8TeenBoy to Helix Main Studio to CB... Paul on 07/12/2021 I'm a big fan of yours: I hope to see you very often here!!!! Horny AF on 10/01/2021 Love Dallas. He’s so fucking hot. walter on 10/30/2021 I can't think of a sentence in which anyone could refer to himself as, "America's Sweetheart." It is an accolade someone else might attribute to another, other than himself. How could there be an appropriate context to refer to one's self as, "America's Sweetheart"? I am perplexed.

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