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Calvin Banks

Calvin Banks

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Calvin Banks is a fun and hung ball of energy with a beaming smile that will make your knees weak! With a mop of curly blond hair, a nicely toned body, and those big blue eyes, he's just as much of a firecracker in the bed sheets as he is outside of them. Sexually versatile, Calvin came to CockyBoys through his good friend, mentor, and fellow Banks brother, Boomer. Together, they call themselves "Haus of Banks" and it's easy to see why. Calvin makes himself property. In his debut scene at CockyBoys, Calvin and Boomer indulge in a mind-boggling flip fuck showcasing an indescribable chemistry. A fun-loving guy all around, Calvin has a real compassionate side to him and it shows... not only through his personality but also in the way he fucks! He's a real nurturer, willing to give any lucky guy his complete affection. Whether you want to fuck, get fucked, or flip, Calvin's your man!

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Atafafnir on 03/02/2017 His first scene got highest rates! Great variability and intensity in his actions. Very sexy sweetie. Let´s see more! bengay on 03/04/2017 calvin banks is a natural beauty he is an ICON Norbis on 03/04/2017 As I said before, just one one word, GREATEST ! Norbis on 03/04/2017 MORE PLEASE ! Loki on 03/12/2017 He is beautiful! Would love to see more of this sexy kitten. nomoreiloveyous on 03/20/2017 MORE MORE MORE kewlboi on 03/29/2017 please more of him... littlebabyjoe on 04/16/2017 Cute, sexy, gorgeous, well hung, bring him back lots!!!! Jupiter on 04/18/2017 Love Love Love Calvin. Just can't get enough of this sexy man. TysFan on 05/27/2017 To me Calvin Banks is the total package! Sweet Smile, adorable, caring and sexy as F"ck ! In all of his performances he gives it all he's got. Sometimes you get a partner that's lacking in emotion. Calvin even brings them around. His foerplay turns me on. His talking shit during sex gets me totally arroused. That "D" God help me I love it. When he uses it like a piston I'm done! After watching him perform I'm ready to take a nap. romeodude on 06/29/2017 I joined Cockyboys.....just because of Calvin. Only once in a while does someone come around who brings a whole new dimension to male beauty and sexuality, with a smile, a look, a body, a personality (and a cock) who loves what he does and makes everyone who sees him, love him! As long as Calvin is here, I will be! Lulu on 07/06/2017 I really want to see Calvin with Ricky Roman!! Please make this happen!! sgabellingham on 09/15/2017 Man, all I want to do is be able to reach through that screen and touch Calvin, just once. Please keep him busy Jake, that's all we want. Aloha on 11/26/2017 I love all the guys, but I do have a favorite--Calvin. I hope he stays with CockyBoys for awhile because y'all are bringing out his best. He's got the looks and sweetness of an angel, but is a devil in bed. I love it. romeodude on 11/30/2017 I look forward to each new scene with Calvin. No matter who he is with, you can be guaranteed of a spectacular scene. He brings out the best in each of his partners and excels at everything he does. I hope he is with Cockyboys for many many years to come! AndreeOBlivion on 01/24/2018 The Bob Dylan of gay porn. pablolct on 02/12/2018 Sexy isn't a fair description justgeo on 04/27/2018 Gotta say you are one of the most versatile dudes I have seen. I love your bid dick and how much you love giving a blow job. As well as ho well you FUCK and get FUCKED. In my world you are a SAINT maybe even a GOD!! Thanks for being here. XOXOXO Cajungirl_100/ cajungirl on 06/21/2018 Calvin your new scene with Cole was amazing!!! Just joined so I have to go back and watch your other scenes.. you have a beautiful body & a pretty big dick that looks smooth as velvet ! GaymerKyle on 07/26/2018 Wow - super hot man! Only actor I follow in Instagram and Twitter. Sucker for those eyes xoxox Gemcha on 08/18/2018 This man drives me crazy!!! You are one of a kind! Beautiful in and out with strong personality and sharp mind! Gemcha on 08/18/2018 Awwww those crystal zaphire eyes... Ginna on 08/20/2018 Unique as unicorn - Sexy as the hotter spot in hell - Sweet as you have never taste sweets before. No words really... I've tried though... naughty1loveb on 08/28/2018 Calvin Banks is so amazing what he does. Such an amazing performer. The best of the best naughty1loveb on 08/28/2018 He's the best of the best. Such an amazing performer Ginna on 08/30/2018 I subscribe for Calvin! He is a unique specimen of a man! Andy Redd on 09/30/2018 Without a doubt, one of the sexiest, cutest, most charming and genuinely wonderful men on Cockyboys - ever. Truly a stunning performer, versatile and inventive and so hot. The best. marc80 on 11/12/2018 Calvin is super sexy! Every scene he's in is amazing!! starryconstellations on 11/16/2018 Iconic, handsome, sweet, talented, and delicious to watch! Can't get enough of him ANSHA000 on 01/21/2019 REALLY NEED TO SEEE A NEW FILM WITH CALVIN BANKS....PLEASE I HOPE AFTER THE AWARDS CALVIN I MISS YOU Hotmax3 on 02/16/2019 Calvin is a sex-king. He is natural, sexy and a great cumshooter. UPFORGUYS on 03/31/2019 Joined COCKY BOYS site because of CALVIN BANKS! He looks very much like a straight friend of mine who I have always wanted to fuck! Same tousled hair, blue eyes & build. He has a HOT unkempt look that really turns me on sexually. His sexual personality is tops as he talks dirty to his partners while sucking & fucking! I get fully hard myself watching him fuck his partners with his amazing cock and low hanging balls. His balls actually slap against his partners ass as he fucks which is an extreme turn on for me to watch! Zap on 04/13/2019 Where have I been...LOVE Calvin! Aletta on 06/12/2019 I can watch Calvin for HOURS. AMATL21 on 07/16/2019 It has been three whole months. Can we please see more from Calvin? Please? AMATL21 on 07/16/2019 In fact, how awesome it would be if he did a scene with Thyle Knoxx. Indy on 03/01/2020 Consider pairing Phoenix Fellington and Calvin Banks for a sensuous, hot flip duck! Foreverloyal86 on 04/17/2020 Mr. Calvin Banks. This whole man is incredible with his gorgeous smile that always makes me smile too, his eyes, the look on his face and a body I would kill & die for. Not to forget about his beautiful big dick. Definitely my favorite body! I love how vers Calvin can be,sexy dominant when on top and lightly submissive when bottoming! He's got the whole package! LAGuyready4Calvin on 08/16/2020 OMG, this guy knocks me out. If you film him with Phoenix Fellington, I may need to get my walls hosed down :) anicebiguyintexas on 02/13/2021 It's been a year since we have gotten a new Calvin scene. Let's get so more of him in the works please including some flip fuck scenes. xtophers on 01/16/2023 Calvin Banks always delivers, top or bottom. Always fun to watch - and to hear. He's the cream. Bring him back!

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