Tie Me Up! Dick Me Down!
Tie Me Up! Dick Me Down!
4 Episodes in this series

Tie Me Up! Dick Me Down!

Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Calvin Banks, Michael DelRay, Alex Mecum, Grayson Lange, Max Adonis, Cade Maddox, JJ Knight & Sean Zevran

Description: Once in a while, one gets the urge to do something...kinky. These guys all asked to push their limits and experience something different. Of course, we delivered! Alex Mecum & Max Adonis lead a cast of guys just wanting to get a bit edgy!


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Wildest Dreams: Calvin Banks & Michael DelRay New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Wildest Dreams: Calvin Banks & Michael DelRay

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Featuring: Calvin Banks & Michael DelRay

Description: In this new "Wildest Dream" scene Calvin Banks & Michael DelRay explore their kinky sides with some erotic bondage and intense visual deprivation! Calvin is already hard in his tightie whities as Michael blindfolds him and slowly explores his body's trigger points. After teasing his cock Michael kisses Calvin and slaps his hands away when he tries to use his hands. Michael stresses HE is in charge by binding Calvin's wrists behind his back and continuing tantalize his body. Finally he pulls down Calvin's underwear and bedevils him, bordering on merciless edging. Michael has several ways to tease Calvin's cock and make it swell even bigger and stand out straight with veins bulging..while Calvin begs for more. Even when he begins to suck Calvin, Michael pulls away to keep control. [more....]

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Alex Mecum & Grayson Lange New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alex Mecum & Grayson Lange

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Featuring: Alex Mecum & Grayson Lange

Description: It's a fantasy come true for Grayson Lange to wake up in the muscular arms of tenderly affectionate Alex Mecum. But, Grayson makes things more exciting for both of them with some light bondage! When his ankles and wrists are tied to the bed an excited Alex's cock is throbbing & bouncing and Grayson licks and sucks the mushroom head cock. AND, he adds the element of sensory deprivation by blindfolding the helpless hairy muscle man while enjoying his body. Alex wants to eat Grayson's ass but Grayson makes him beg before he sits on his face and leans forward to resume sucking Alex's cock. As Alex's tongue drives him wild Grayson reciprocates with increased pleasure-giving fellatio. Grayson adds a little more kink by using extra rope to bind his cock & balls as he sucks him AND he slips [more....]

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Cade Maddox & Max Adonis New Release | 36 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cade Maddox & Max Adonis

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Featuring: Cade Maddox & Max Adonis

Description: A romantic getaway for Cade Maddox & Max Adonis is spiced up with a little bondage play! It's Max's idea but a slightly hesitant Cade comes around once he sees the ball gag. Even with the gag on the sensual affection continues, albeit with a self-imposed challenge. Cocksucking deprivation is a little frustrating for Max with Cade's huge cock looking so tempting. The upside is that Max's cock gets the attention from Cade's mouth and strong hands. With his precum streaming he's ready to cum, BUT Cade edges him just a bit longer. When Cade strokes their cocks together and brings his hardon up to his face, Max just HAS to take off the gag. He takes all of Cade's thick cock into his mouth & throat and he's a simply insatiable as Cade face fucks him balls deep on the edge of the bed and [more....]

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JJ Knight & Sean Zevran New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

JJ Knight & Sean Zevran

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Featuring: JJ Knight & Sean Zevran

Description: Sean Zevran is already in bed stripped down to his underwear and tugging at his wrist and ankle restraints when JJ Knight enters to begin a bondage which Sean is a very willing participant. JJ is teasingly affectionate with Sean and his hardening cock and things get hotter as JJ strips naked and lies on top of him. He blindfolds Sean and enjoys his muscular body even more while adding more intensity to his sensory deprivation by using a feather tickler over his body. JJ makes out with Sean but also runs a Wartenberg pinwheel across his sensitive skin before he finally takes out his cock to give it some oral attention. He even intensifies this by simultaneously using a FleshJack Quickshot on Sean's shaft as he sucks him. As he continues, JJ feeds his cock to Sean' hungry [more....]


Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Michael DelRay Michael DelRay
Alex Mecum Alex Mecum
Grayson Lange Grayson Lange
Cade Maddox Cade Maddox
Max Adonis Max Adonis
JJ Knight JJ Knight
Sean Zevran Sean Zevran

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