RAW! Volume 4
4 Episodes in this series

RAW! Volume 4


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Alex Mecum, Wess Russel, Calvin Banks, Felix Maze, Vincent O'Reilly, Dante Colle, Cory Kane & Cole Claire

Description: Newcummer Wess Russel is one of the hot bottoms in search of raw satisfaction in this volume of RAW. Joined by Vincent O’Reilly & Cole Claire, this boys want one thing: big dicks pounding big loads into them.


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Alex Mecum & Wess Russel RAW New Release | 35 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alex Mecum & Wess Russel RAW

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Featuring: Alex Mecum & Wess Russel

Description: Alex Mecum welcomes new Exclusive Wess Russel for his first CockyBoys scene AND his porn debut! Alex & Wess bond over their similar backgrounds & share their personal coming out experiences. They follow this with affectionate embraces & kissing and heartfelt compliments of one another that lasts throughout their special scene. Alex is already hard but wants to spend more time kissing & touching each other's hard bodies and expressing mutual adoration. Even when Wess begins to suck him Alex simply wants the pleasure of feeling Wess on top of him. Alex finally gives him the go-ahead to suck him and Wess takes the time to ask him how he likes it...and he delivers as Alex clearly shows. As they kiss Alex reaches around to caress Wess' muscle butt and gently tease his hole. Wess eagerly [more....]

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Calvin Banks & Felix Maze RAW New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Calvin Banks & Felix Maze RAW

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Featuring: Calvin Banks & Felix Maze

Description: Calvin Banks & newcomer Felix Maze were eager to work with each other the moment they met, and that pent-up anticipation finally explodes in this raw, condom-free scene. Felix can't wait to get at Calvin's cock and once he pulls it out of his shorts he can't keep his mouth and hands off it. Calvin manages to pry his mouth away to make out with him and take control. In quick order he has Felix's shorts pulled down so he can rim him, suck him and ease his cock into him. As a conscientious top Calvin sucks and strokes Felix while fucking him and makes out with him all to help him take more of Calvin's battering ram. But after some deep fucking Calvin gives Felix a little break so he can sit the newcomer down and Calvin can show him his mad cocksucking talents. When he's ready to resume [more....]

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Dante Colle & Vincent O'Reilly RAW New Release | 34 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Dante Colle & Vincent O'Reilly RAW

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Featuring: Dante Colle & Vincent O'Reilly

Description: Dante Colle makes his CockyBoys debut with Vincent O'Reilly as they condense a variety of hot condom-free fun into one afternoon in a high-rise Vegas hotel room, from balcony to bathtub to bed. Sitting on top of a railing overlooking the skyline, Dante leans back against the window and Vincent wordlessly says yes to what's being offered. They kiss and soon Vincent's mouth makes it way down Dante's torso...and to the full erection that pops out when unzips his jeans. Vincent treats Dante to an 5 star blowjob and the promise of more is the incentive for Dante join him inside. A bubble bath is drawn and Dante is quick to get in and suck Vincent's fat dick while he's still standing outside the tub. Once he gets in they make out in the sensuous suds and Vincent resumes deep-sucking Dante. [more....]

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Cole Claire & Cory Kane RAW New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cole Claire & Cory Kane RAW

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Featuring: Cole Claire & Cory Kane

Description: At last Cory Kane & Cole Claire get together and they want YOU to see it happen in a condom-free scene! Cory & Cole were instantly attracted to each other when they met and though they've fooled around since, THIS is their first time having full-on sex. Cory is already rock hard as they lie together and once they start kissing Cole eagerly takes out his cock to stroke and go down on his hefty piece, taking as much as humanly possible. Cory gets on his knees and Cole's mouth just keeps on going without pause even when Cory reaches over to play with his hole. Cory interrupts the pleasure only slightly when turning Cole on his back so he can finally reciprocate in a 69. But soon Cory wants more. He gets Cole on all fours to eat his hole and in no time has Cole on his belly with legs [more....]


Alex Mecum Alex Mecum
Wess Russel Wess Russel
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Felix Maze Felix Maze
Dante Colle Dante Colle
Vincent O'Reilly Vincent O'Reilly
Cole Claire Cole Claire
Cory Kane Cory Kane

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