Dante Colle

Dante Colle

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Tall dark & handsome with a dimpled wry smile, Dante Colle is no stranger to porn watchers but don't try and pin him down in any way. He describes himself as "Hippie in the streets, GQ in the sheets." but even that only skims the surface. He's adventurous, likes motorcycles, skydiving and traveling and yet he also likes to chill out at the beach. On camera, this versatile stud is also up for anything and delivers something extra..he's called "Double Load Dante" for a reason!

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Jay on 10/11/2018 Dante is so very hot!!!! Love this sexy stud and love seeing him bareback!!! Violet sunrise on 11/11/2018 Please please please can we have more Dante?! He is so beautiful to look at and I can't stop watching the scene with him and vincent!! So 🔥🔥 xx

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