RAW! Volume 1
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RAW! Volume 1

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Taylor Reign, JJ Knight, Cory Kane, Aiden Ward, Calvin Banks, Devin Franco & Ty Mitchell

Description: These boys have gone RAW! Our models have always wanted to showcase how they love to have sex: uninhibited, carefree and raw. In this DVD, they’re paired with their favorite porn stars to have the best sex of their lives.


CockyBoys: Fans Only! with Taylor Reign & JJ Knight

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Featuring: JJ Knight & Taylor Reign

Description: For their first time pairing Taylor Reign & JJ Knight make it extra special as a Cocky Boys Fans Only scene: intimate and condomless! No need for those pesky clothes either! They're naked and hard as they make out and when Taylor goes down on JJ he can already taste his pre-cum. Taylor takes in JJ's ginormous cock as deep as he can but really goes into full-on deep throating when he switches to a 69 position ad JJ eats his ass. Before they start fucking Taylor lubes up a Fleshjack Quickshot™ to give JJ an extra boost of pleasure and make his cock as big and hard as possible. Then Taylor slides his hole on his shaft and rides him, and without even touching his own cock it sticks up fully hard cock especially as JJ thrusts up into him. They switch positions so they can kiss as [more....]

CockyBoys Fans Only! with Aiden Ward, Cory Kane & Taylor Reign

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Featuring: Aiden Ward, Cory Kane & Taylor Reign

Description: Cory Kane and Aiden Ward celebrate the pleasure of morning sex in a new CBFO condomless flip-fuck scene with a VERY hot, special twist: an appearance by Taylor Reign! At first Cory & Aiden wake up in each other's arms and as they gently kiss Aiden is already desirous of getting fucked. Cory may still be sleepy but his cock is not so Aiden sucks him to rouse him up. This works like magic and soon Cory sucks him back leading them to a thorough big dick 69. Finally Aiden gets his original wish fulfilled. As he bends over at the headboard Cory rims and fingers Aiden's hairy hole and then gives him the "full Cory". He fucks Aiden hard and fast and although their moans are relatively quiet their bed squeaks & creaks like it's plugged in. Slowing down helps calm the bed frame a little but [more....]

It's Summer At CockyBoys! Calvin Banks & Devin Franco Flip-Fuck

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Featuring: Calvin Banks & Devin Franco

Description: Devin Franco makes his CockyBoys debut in a CBFO (CockyBoys Fans Only) condomless flip-fuck scene with Calvin Banks! In this special Summer At CockyBoys bareback scene the popular adult star is excited to be here ON his birthday and Calvin is just as excited to film with him. The chemistry is instantaneous as Calvin rises from the pool to join Devin on the lounge chair and get his huge cock deep-throated. Devin's totally concentrated sucking impresses and excites Calvin as does his bubble butt. When Calvin reaches around to play with it, Devin's hole tightens each time he deep throats him! Calvin turns and bends over and Devin's tongue-fucking is so good Calvin begs the power bottom to temporarily switch and fuck him! After a little mid-scene foreplay Devin delivers some raw deep [more....]

CockyBoys Fans Only! Cory Kane & Ty Mitchell

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Featuring: Cory Kane & Ty Mitchell

Description: Ty Mitchell makes his exciting CockyBoys debut in as condomless CBFO scene, enjoying one of his favorite, fun things: having sex in the great outdoors. You'll see that because of a special connection Cory Kane is just the right guy to welcome Ty and he can't even wait to do it. Just as Ty is about to pop into the outdoor shower a naked Cory shows up with an enormous boner. Almost immediately Ty is hard too and after some dreamy kissing Cory whisks him away. Their first stop is at the rustic fence where Ty gets driven wild by Cory eating out his bubble butt and making out with him from behind. But it's Cory's cock inside him that makes Ty melt. Ty is even more impressed as Cory fucks him deeper while holding him by his ankles. But now it's Ty's turn to impress Cory. By the pool Cory [more....]


JJ Knight JJ Knight
Taylor Reign Taylor Reign
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Devin Franco Devin Franco
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell

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