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Project GogoBoy

The grounding-breaking erotic mocumentary

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Pierre Fitch, Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Sebastian Young, Tommy Defendi, Ben Rose, Gabriel Clark & Justin LeBeau

Description: Project Gogo Boy defies convention by blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Directed by Jake Jaxson, this groundbreaking film is a tribute to the reality shows we love to hate by chronicling the lives of NYC nightclub performers: DJ’s, hustlers, club owners, and go-go boys as they FUCK their way to the TOP BOX!

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The most ambitious project Cocky Boys has tackled to date, Project Gogo Boy is gonna knock your socks off. Filmed entirely on location, Project Gogo Boy follows the travails of a superstar stripper and the up-n-cummer nipping at his heels to take his place. Think of it as All About Eve and Showgirls but with sexy (and shocking) gay porn reality-show twists.

With all the hallmarks of Real Housewives - in our estimation they're more like Mob Wives - including backstabbing, catfights, and shady remarks, along with some of the hottest sex you'll see this year from one of the hottest casts of the year (Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Gabriel Clark, Pierre Fitch, Sebastian Young, Seth Knight, Stephen Forest, and Tommy Defendi), we're pretty certain that Cocky Boys' Project Gogo Boy is gonna blow you the fuck away.

Since it plays out like an actual reality-series (the look of the film is fucking incredible, by the way) I don’t want to ruin the surprises, so here’s a summary of just the sex scenes. Max and Pierre turn it in freight elevator of a Montreal club. Pierre’s major ink against Max’s babyfaced ink-free body is lovely. Lots of major rimming here, culminating in an amazingly-shot fuck in the club’s corrugated metal catacombs.


Is PGGB a documentary? Hardly, but it’s the first time we can remember enjoying something other than sex in a porn series. (Not that the sex disappoints.)

Think of it as The Real Housewives of New Jersey meets Xtube.


CockyBoys' Project GogoBoy finale is not fucking around, so I won't waste your time with anything other than this: this is the best orgy of the year.

— Zachary Sire []

Project Go-Go Boy is what you’d get if the stars of Magic Mike were less bland, fucking one another and acting like they’re on an episode of The A-List: New York



"Are You a Cockyboy?" Music Video

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Description: Do ya'll remember one of our very first hit mini-series here on CockyBoys, Project GogoBoy? We'd originally planned to release a full music video for Project GogoBoy's theme song, "Are You a CockyBoy." It turned into one of those projects that we'd started, but fell to the wayside as we started other projects. Well, here's a little gem that we found in the vaults! Our editor, when he was going through old footage, found this music video that he'd made for the series. So here's a flashback to the GogoBoy days, and your earworm for the week! If you missed the series, watch it here! [more....]


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Featuring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder & Pierre Fitch

Description: Everyone knows that a good reality show has to end with a reunion special and Project Gogo Boy is no different! Today, I'm excited to bring you the long awaited reunion episode hosted by legendary NYC drag performer Hedda Lettuce!   Max, Jake & Pierre bare it all and reveal why they said the things they said and why they acted the way they did. There are no more secrets and all the cards are on the table. Full of everything you'd expect from a reunion special, this one has it all:  No-holds-barred arguments, jealousies resurfacing, and frenemies facing off. The shows top gogo boys, Max Ryder and Jake Bass have been going at each other's throats all season long as they battled it out for the top box.  In this explosive reunion special, viewers will see the REAL Max and Jake and [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: Episode 5!

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark, Justin LeBeau & Max Ryder

Description: This week on Project GogoBoy, the drama is back - with a vengeance! In Episode 3, Jake's gossiping turned Pierre against Max, and now Seth Knight is pissed because of rumors Jake spread about Max badmouthing him. With everyone turning against him, Max is starting to have second thoughts about his job as a gogoboy. He confesses he's been treating the whole thing like a game, manipulating people and sleeping around to get to the top. That night at the club, the tension between Max and Jake reaches a breaking point, with their competitiveness at an all-time high. After Jake collapses from all the stress, Max tries to help him out, and the next day, feeling guilty for all the rumors he's spread, Jake asks Max to meet him so he can apologize - after all, what reality show would be complete [more....]

Project Go Go Boy - The Art of the Lap Dance (Ep. 4)

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark

Description: This week, we leave the Jake/Max/Pierre drama behind (but don't worry - next week's final episode will blow. your. mind.) and get back to one of the sexiest parts of being a gogoboy: the art of the lap dance/private dance. Our favorite rival club owners Sebastian Young, Tommy Defendi and Gabriel Clark give their opinions about what makes the perfect private dance, while Max Ryder and Seth Knight show us how they work. Gabriel Clark, the ultimate teacher, lets us in on a training session with his newest dancer, Arnaud Chagall. Gabriel tells Arnaud it's important to always leave the client wanting more, but when Gabriel's the client, Arnaud just can't help himself! Alone in the storage room, Gabriel and Arnaud let go of all their inhibitions and take the boss/employee relationship to a [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: The X Files: Ben Rose

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Featuring: Ben Rose

Description: Ben Rose has got to be one of the most open-minded gogo boys to ever grace the stage pole. He is like an open book and tells everything the way it is and leaves nothing to the imagination - he'd rather show you than have you imagine. First, he opened up to us and talked about his best (and worst) experiences as a gogo boy. Then, he opened up to the cameras of Project GoGo boy with his legs up in the air shoving not one but TWO toys up his hole at the same time. And as if that wasn't enough... wait for it.. here it come... he shoved his balls up his tight asshole!!! Still not convinced? He's got one more trick up his sleeve that will leave you with your mouth open and drooling. Have you pushed play already?? [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: Episode 3!

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder & Pierre Fitch

Description: In the first episode of Project GogoBoy, we saw Max Ryder and Pierre Fitch sneak away from the DJ booth to have an elevator tryst, ruining Jake Bass's set in the process. This week, we see Max and Jake doing what frenemies do best: shopping and being snarky! Throughout the entire outing, Jake can't stop ribbing Max about hooking up with Pierre, harping over and over again about Max's "Pierre obsession". Max tries not to let it bother him, but later that night, when Max discovers Jake's been spreading rumors, the tension comes to a head and the boys explode into an epic fight, moving officially from "frenemies" to just plain "enemies." Now that Max and Jake's friendship is on the rocks, Jake decides to try to drive a wedge between Max and Pierre by cozying up to Pierre. While gossiping [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: The X Files: Mickey Solo

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Description: Last week Leo took us on a journey into the private world of a gogo boy and I found it fascinating just how many tricks a gogo boy has for making money. This week, we are taking a look at Mickey's approach which is totally different from Leo's. Mickey is as straight as the pole he uses on the dancefloor but that doesn't stop him from flirting with the boys like a pro! "For me, it's a job!", he says. With his rock hard abs and lean muscular body, Mickey has no problem attracting the attention of any guy. Want to see how he does it? Stick around for the end because Mickey does what he doesn't do even in his private dances! [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: Episode 2!

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Featuring: Sebastian Young & Tommy Defendi

Description: Last week in Episode 1 on Project GogoBoy, we got a sneak peek into the sordid, sexy lives of rival gogoboys and best frenemies Jake Bass and Max Ryder and DJ Pierre Fitch. This week, we learn more about Max's career as a gogoboy, and how he's been taken under the wing of the spiritual, peace-loving club owner Gabriel Clark. Gabriel believes in treating his dancers with support, respect and love, and his philosophy toward his club is that dancers are there to act as vessels of relief for overworked patrons - unlike some clubs in the area which are "enough to give you nightmares." Cut to Sebastian Young and Tommy Defendi, owners of the seediest club in the city. According to Sebastian, this place is "not a homeless shelter or a pitbull rescue." His boys are there to make as much money [more....]

Project GoGo Boy - The X Files: Leo

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Description: We've all done it many times. Go to a bar, have a drink, tip our favorite gogo boy, flirt with the hot guy we've been trying to stand next to for the past 20 minutes... But now it's time to see things from a different point of view. Let's get back for a moment to that gogo boy you just tipped. Did it ever occur to you while you were shoving that dollar bill in his underwear that the look he just gave you or the kiss he blew you are all part of his well practiced routine just to get even more money out of you? Say "Hi" to Leo. With almost 8 years of experience on the pole Leo knows just about every trick in the book. In this episode Leo takes us on a private tour of what I would call a "behind the scenes in the mind of a gogo boy". And he's not hiding any secrets this time. Watch as Leo [more....]

Project GoGo Boy: Episode 1!

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Featuring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder & Pierre Fitch

Description: In the first episode of the genre-bending, lines-blurring sex/reality series Project GogoBoy, we meet Jake Bass, an established gogoboy on the top box who has gotten where he is by hard work and perseverance. If there's one thing Jake can't stand, it's gogo dancers who sleep their way to the top: dancers like his best frenemy, and favorite phony Max Ryder, a fresh-faced gogoboy with big dreams and an even bigger attitude. Jake Bass is dancing at Montreal gay club stock when he notices Max getting cozy in the DJ booth with internationally-renowned DJ Pierre Fitch ("All the boys love me, and when they want to request a sogn, they know what they have to do: get dirty," say Pierre). Jake tries not to let Max and Pierre's kissing and groping affect his performance, but he can't ignore it [more....]


Jake Bass Jake Bass
Max Ryder Max Ryder
Pierre Fitch Pierre Fitch
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Justin LeBeau Justin LeBeau
Ben Rose Ben Rose
Sebastian Young Sebastian Young
Tommy Defendi Tommy Defendi

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