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Open Me Up
4 Episodes in this series

Open Me Up


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Carter Dane, Max Adonis, Tayte Hanson, Lucas Champagne, Cory Kane, Manuel Skye, Drew Dixon, Ace Quinn & Trent King

Description: Drew Dixon shows us his talents as he takes on the hung Cory Kane & Manuel Skye in a sexy double penetration that really opens him up. He’s joined by new CockyBoys Lucas Champagne & Trent King along with Carter Dane, Tayte Hanson & Max Adonis.


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Carter Dane & Max Adonis New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Carter Dane & Max Adonis

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Featuring: Carter Dane & Max Adonis

Description: A mutual desire for lustful passion brings Carter Dane & Max Adonis together in this condom-free scene. And after making out in bed Carter gives himself over to Max's control. Max stands Carter in front of a mirror to play with his bubble butt and tease his hole with his fingers, tongue & rock hard cock, all while stroking Carter's cock. Max soon wraps himself around Carter and drills him deep and hard. Before Max gets too carried away, Carter gets on his knees to service his cock, swallowing him deep with Max's help. Max still can't keep his hands off Carter's muscle butt and resumes fucking him from behind and with greater intensity and a little vocal manhandling he drills him to the bed. With gleeful lust Max soon flips Carter on his back to throat fuck him over the edge of the [more....]

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(LOCK)DOWN BUT NOT OUT New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating


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Featuring: Lucas Champagne & Tayte Hanson

Description: Director's Note We are all living through a shared collective experience, yet everyone’s experience is not equal in terms of effect and shared sacrifice. There are so many days I wrestle and question myself, my purpose and my future as I try and find a mental balance that keeps me focused and grateful. These shared sacrifices have hit us all and in ways that we never imagined: not being able to see loved ones, work as we did before, socializing with friends, economic uncertainty & the compounding worry about what will life look like when this is all over. But in visiting with our performers, friends and fans, I have found that in spite of all of this, so many have found ways to grow & thrive and find dynamic ways to express themselves and reconnect with others. More so, many have [more....]

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Cory Kane, Drew Dixon & Manuel Skye New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane, Drew Dixon & Manuel Skye

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Featuring: Cory Kane, Drew Dixon & Manuel Skye

Description: Insatiable Drew Dixon gets a two-for-one redux as he takes on Cory Kane & Manuel Skye together...and he's all in to be double-penetrated by their giant cocks! It's Manuel who gets things going during a sensual shower by going down Cory & Drew alternately AND simultaneously. And soon without and vocal demand Cory & Drew are down on their knees gulping down Manuel's cock & balls and feeding on his abundant pre-cum. After adjourning to the bedroom the sexually charged trio go full force. Manuel & Drew double-team Cory, slobbering over his tight hole and sucking him. In little time they're spit-roasting Cory: sucking Drew while getting pounded by Manuel. The attention turns to Drew who starts to ride Cory while Manuel takes charge and primes him for DP action Manuel thrusts completely [more....]

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Ace Quinn & Trent King New Release | 21 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Ace Quinn & Trent King

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Featuring: Ace Quinn & Trent King

Description: Super-sexy & versatile Trent King is excited to make his CockyBoys debut and that it's with hottie Ace Quinn! Ace is excited too and neither guy can wait to get started. As they make out Ace grinds on Trent and sucks his nipples and gets desired results: Trent's big dick tenting his shorts. After a little mouth teasing Ace gets Trent naked and it takes his mouth and both hands to service him..with some help from Trent. After he gets some expert sucking Trent wants his turn and gives his best in gulping Ace's cock. His busy mouth keeps going as he flips Ace on all fours and feasts on his bubble butt. Trent uses his tongue to tantalize Ace's hole, and uses his fingers to prime him for his cock. Still, when he enters Ace from behind he goes first. Once he flips him on his [more....]


Carter Dane Carter Dane
Max Adonis Max Adonis
Lucas Champagne Lucas Champagne
Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Drew Dixon Drew Dixon
Manuel Skye Manuel Skye
Ace Quinn Ace Quinn
Trent King Trent King

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