Lips Together
Lips Together
4 Episodes in this series

Lips Together

Written & Directed by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian.

Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Sharok, Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Nico Leon, Blake Mitchell, Benjamin Blue & Skyy Knox

Description: Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys Exclusive debut in the poignant short, “Lips Together – Six Feet Apart” written and directed by Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian. Joined by Exclusive Sean Ford, Lips Together showcases the sweet longing that occurs when one is forced to be apart from someone they love. Blake Mitchell, Nico Leon, Brock Banks & Sharok fill out the cast on this collection of wistful sexual encounters.


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Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok New Release | 39 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok

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Featuring: Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Sharok

Description: Brock Banks & Austin Avery reunite with their sexy friend Sharok, in his CockyBoys debut, who helps tag-team & double-penetrate one of his hot co-stars! After a day of fun & sun at the beach, the guys recall more serious & injurious days of BLM protests, the pandemic, and becoming even closer...much more than friends with benefits. Later, Austin joins Brock to make out with him in the shower and soon after follows him to the bedroom where Brock's hard cock awaits him. Austin easily gulps it to the root while Brock fingers him and passionately kisses him, but they keep it quiet as Sharok is in the next room napping. Except he's not. He's jacking off while listening in. As Austin starts riding Brock's cock they get louder and Sharok can't resist checking them out. Austin happily [more....]

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Angel Rivera & Sean Ford New Release | 60 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Angel Rivera & Sean Ford

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Featuring: Angel Rivera & Sean Ford

Description: Director's Note:: Six months ago, while I was feeling on top of the world, everything changed with a pandemic lockdown that triggered me and many others, in ways that I was unprepared for. I had been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease two years prior. It was debilitating and greatly diminished my ability to work at the same pace I had years earlier. Yet with the right treatment, a change in diet and focused approach on my health and sleep, I was finally able to feel more like myself again. And I was FEELING the year 2020 -- until lockdown. While I am an introvert and borderline hermit by nature, I was (in theory) looking forward to the solitude that a lockdown would bring. However, I began to worry about my underlying condition and all the anxiety & fear that soon [more....]

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Camp CockyBoys: Blake Mitchell & Nico Leon New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Camp CockyBoys: Blake Mitchell & Nico Leon

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Featuring: Blake Mitchell & Nico Leon

Description: Blake Mitchell's return to Camp CockyBoys continues as he finally gets to play out a fantasy with Nico Leon! Blake surprises and delights Nico with dreamy set-up: a big, inviting bed in the woods. Just like that they sweetly make out on the bed with Blake's lips and hands making their way down Nico's ripped torso. He traces every muscle until he finally opens Nico's shorts to suck his growing cock. Nico basks in Blake's oral & tactile until he sits up to kiss him back more passionately. Soon though he wants Blake's big uncut cock in his mouth and positions himself on his back to receive it. After feeding Nico and face-fucking him, Blake swivels him around to tongue fuck him. He soon makes a smooth transition to sliding his cock into Nico and thrusting deep into the moaning [more....]

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Benjamin Blue & Skyy Knox New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Benjamin Blue & Skyy Knox

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Featuring: Benjamin Blue & Skyy Knox

Description: Guest star & Falcon exclusive Skyy Knox returns to excitedly let out his inner daddy for a very special date with Benjamin Blue! They get out of the city and take a romantic road trip to the country and Skyy's family property where they can be alone to connect. There they play outdoors before Skyy takes Benjamin to the barn to pursue his lustful ambitions. The guys passionately make out and and as they start to undress, Skyy teases Benjamin's ass. He then turns him around to deep-suck his cock and once Skyy's steel hard cock is revealed, he takes Benjamin out into the open. He bends him over the wood fence and thoroughly rim his smooth hole and bumps up the excitement with seductive sex talk. Skyy can't hold back any longer and jackhammers Benjamin's hole so hard the fence shakes [more....]


Austin Avery Austin Avery
Brock Banks Brock Banks
Sharok Sharok
Angel Rivera Angel Rivera
Sean Ford Sean Ford
Blake Mitchell Blake Mitchell
Nico Leon Nico Leon
Benjamin Blue Benjamin Blue
Skyy Knox Skyy Knox

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