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Boys At Play
4 Episodes in this series

Boys At Play


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Sean Ford, Blake Mitchell, Leo Grand, Troy Accola, Shane Cook, Cory Kane & Wess Russel

Description: Real Life Boyfriends Blake Mitchell & Leo Grand head up this DVD featuring our young guys that love to play! Joined by Shane Cook, Sean Ford & Cory Kane, Blake & Leo show how lovers frolic and have fun when they're alone!


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Sean Ford enjoys a HOT 69 New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Sean Ford enjoys a HOT 69

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Featuring: Sean Ford

Description: Ben Masters blindfolds Sean Ford and takes him on a kinky erotic journey in which all his other senses are heightened through visual deprivation! Sean is blindfolded throughout this condom-free with Ben in total control. Ben makes out with Sean while fondling and manhandling almost every inch of his body and Sean is exhilarated by it all, especially when Ben turns his focus to his hole.After fingering & feasting on Sean's hole, Ben teases him by sliding his cock along his crack. Ben mercilessly teases Sean's hole with several mini-fucks and some ass-eating before he plunges in to pound him hard & deep. Ben relishes the power of literally keeping Sean in the dark about what happens and turns him around to throat-fuck him. Ben 69's with Sean then sucks him hungrily, putting him in a [more....]

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Blake Mitchell & Leo Grand New Release | 33 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Blake Mitchell & Leo Grand

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Featuring: Blake Mitchell & Leo Grand

Description: Leo Grand makes his porn studio debut in a very special condom-free scene with real life boyfriend Blake Mitchell! In this love letter to their relationship they allow us an intimate look into their life together from its beginnings to today--including a romantic and erotically intense glimpse into their sex life. Lying together they fondle and admire each other's growing cocks with Leo taking a taste of Blake and then sucking him with increasing, lustful enthusiasm. Leo pleases his man by deep-throating him several times with remarkable ease, leading Blake to lovingly suck him back. Soon Blake lies Leo on his back to feed his cock into his throat and eventually leaning forward to suck him deep in a sensual 69. It isn't long before Blake turns his attention to licking and [more....]

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Shane Cook & Troy Accola New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Shane Cook & Troy Accola

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Featuring: Shane Cook & Troy Accola

Description: Shane Cook returns and to finally get together with Troy Accola months after they met and flirted! As this condom-free scene starts there's no doubt they're both excited: they can't keep their hands off each other and they're rock hard! They take their making out to bed where Shane's lip and fingers roam over Troy before he gets his cock out to suck him deeply & lovingly. After they kiss again even more passionately, Shane gets Troy naked and kneels above him with his cock ready to rip through his briefs. After teasing him, Shane finally takes out his beer-can cock to let Troy suck it his own way and enjoy it. Soon, Shane turns him over to rim & finger his hole and finally slide his cock in. He doesn't ploy Troy hard but still it takes him a little bit to get used to the monster [more....]

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Cory Kane & Wess Russel New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane & Wess Russel

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Featuring: Cory Kane & Wess Russel

Description: Wess Russel is back and Cory Kane has got him in this condom-less, special late night scene! At first Wess is alone, lying in bed, deep in thought until the door opens and he smiles as a towel-clad Cory walks in. No words are exchanged as their eyes meet and they make out in bed and by the hotel room window. After their hard cocks are revealed and stroked together, Cory sits and Wess hungrily sucks him. Wess soon wants more and gets on the bed to offer up the sold muscled ass stretching his briefs and tease Cory. Cory takes the bait and tugs aside the underwear to rim and tongue Wess' hole and full balls. Finally the briefs come off and after a little more teasing Cory gives Wess the cock he's been begging for through his moans and groans. Cory wastes no time plowing Wess deep [more....]


Sean Ford Sean Ford
Blake Mitchell Blake Mitchell
Leo Grand Leo Grand
Shane Cook Shane Cook
Troy Accola Troy Accola
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Wess Russel Wess Russel

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