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Damien Grey & Jordan Starr New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Damien Grey & Jordan Starr

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Featuring: Damien Grey & Jordan Starr

Description: As we continue to bring you "New Faces & New Energies" we have TWO guys to introduce to CockyBoys: Damien Grey & Jordan Starr! Damien is nervously excited to be with a big, confident guy like Jordan who will take control of him. And while his heart is still fluttering as he's cradled in Jordan's arms, Damien gets noticeably hard and so does Jordan. Soon after Jordan takes out his thick cock, Damien eagerly goes down on him. Damien shifts positions and Jordan plays with his hole and as he does,  he gets even bigger in Damien's mouth. Damien's lithe body makes it easy for Jordan to move him around at his pleasure. When eating his ass, Jordan lifts up Damien for some mid-air rimming. And just as easily he turns him around to work his hole. And when Damien sucks him again, Jordan turns [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper

Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper New Release | 24 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper

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Featuring: Daniel Evans & Matthew Cooper

Description: After giving you a glimpse of Matthew Cooper in GAME ON, we now give you his full scene debut topping Exclusive Daniel Evans! Matthew is ready from the start as he lies back half-naked and gives a beckoning gesture when Daniel enters. Just like that, Daniel goes down on him and in no time his cocksucking has Matthew moaning,  bucking and thrusting his hips. Daniel is ready to go all the way too and after they exchange passionate kisses, he gets up and rides Matthew's cock. Their passionate sexual energy is off the charts as Daniel bounces up & down while Matthew piston-fucks him and they continue to make-out. They bring this same energy to bed where Matthew plows Daniel, wraps his arms around him and drills him on his stomach. Soon, Matthew flips Daniel on his back to give his [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

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Featuring: Diego Sans & Matthew Cooper

Description: Superstar Diego Sans makes his CockyBoys debut with newcomer Matthew Cooper! They have genuine chemistry and you'll find out why in their playfully sexy introduction in which Matthew reveals he had a porn crush on Diego well before they met online and had some fun together. Diego has some big reveals too, more contributing factors to their chemistry....which you will see in action.  As they make out, Matthew can't keep his hands off Diego's hot bod and he's just as eager to suck his cock. So is Diego and in little time he's in a 69 with Matthew, deep sucking him, eating his ass, and fingering his hole. Matthew soon wants more than a finger and rides Diego's cock, unleashing a torrent of wild, sexual energy and unquenchable passion. Now that Matthew has opened up for him, Diego [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Greyson Myles & Tristan Hunter

Greyson Myles & Tristan Hunter New Release | 20 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Greyson Myles & Tristan Hunter

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Featuring: Greyson Myles & Tristan Hunter

Description: Greyson Myles & Tristan Hunter enjoy their first summer at CockyBoys in the best possible way---with hot outdoor sex! Reclining on the porch, horny Tristan sees Greyson flashing his bubble butt and "invites" him over by stroking his cock. Soon, they're making out and it's not long before Greyson is sucking Tristan and happily admiring his big dick. Once Tristan makes the suggestion, Greyson sits on his cock and rides him and right say they're a groove mutually pleasing each other. Just as Greyson wants, Tristan stretches his hole with deep thrusts and neither can get enough as Greyson rides him almost every way possible.  At one point though, Greyson dismounts and bends over so Tristan can eat out his hole. Tristan really gets his mouth and tongue into his hole and Greyson [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Surrender: Episode 1

Surrender: Episode 1 New Release | 40 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Surrender: Episode 1

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Featuring: Cody Seiya & Kane Fox

Description: Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: As we kick off our 15 Years of Cocky anniversary— I am reminded how anniversaries are made for reflection, and this milestone is no different. Growing up in South Louisiana, I was a scrawny-scarecrow-looking-boy, often scratched up and dirty from always playing outside. The last of six kids, I was usually the last in line, rarely got anything new, was picked on, and had to fight for attention, and I did not really mind it so much until the day I realized I was different, and not like the rest of my family. Like many, I knew I was gay at a young age, and that realization was soon followed by the painful understanding — hiding, lying, and becoming someone else were the tools necessary for my survival — mentally and physically. Years [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Surrender: Episode 4

Surrender: Episode 4 New Release | 21 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Surrender: Episode 4

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Featuring: Evan Knoxx & Trevor Brooks

Description: Evan Knoxx & Trevor Brooks explore the facets of sensuality before enjoying an outdoors flip-fuck. Trevor gives Evan a shoulder rub and blindfolds him to heighten his other senses by running a feather across his skin and feeding him fruit. When Trevor kisses him, Evan is excited and he pulls off the blindfold to kiss him passionately.  Before going on though, Trevor has Evan close his eyes for another sensual delight: he feeds Evan his cock.   With his eyes closed, Evan sucks Trevor's cock and as he savors the taste, he enjoys it even more. Soon though, Evan takes Trevor to a more secluded spot so he can get sucked off too. Trevor thoroughly enjoys Evan's cock and balls and when Evan offers up his hole, Trevor feasts on it with the same gusto. Evan is in heaven and in time expresses [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Happy Endings: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter

Happy Endings: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter New Release | 33 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Happy Endings: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter

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Featuring: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter

Description: As Happy Endings Part 2 continues, Tristan Hunter finds that ghost sex with Lane Colten can be the best sex! Supernaturally sensitive Tristan and super-hung spirit Lane have a thrilling flip-fuck, but while satisfying their carnal delights, Tristan puts his relationship with beau Cody Seiya at risk and invites something more sinister into their home.  Tristan ritualistically summons forth Lane and after they in engage playful and romantic foreplay, they get down to intensely pleasurable sex, Lane starting out sucking Tristan. Lane's presence is quite tangible to Tristan, who's unaware that Cody is watching and only sees Tristan miming sex. He departs before they really get into it with Tristan fucking Lane then blowing him.  Lane takes over, giving Tristan gasp-worthy pleasure as [more....]

Turn on instant previews Turn off instant previews Watch Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier

Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier New Release | 21 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier

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Featuring: Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier

Description: A summer treat to warm up your winter: the perfect match of Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier! Sean was eager to film with Cody and vice-versa, and it turned out they had more in common than their mutual attraction. So, after Cody gave Sean a brief guided tour of Camp CockyBoys, they made in happen on the patio. Cody knew Sean was a "thoughtful & caring person" with his scene partners and finds it out for himself. Playful affection leads to Sean sensuously sucking Cody and tonguing his hole and Cody doing his best to give Sean's big dick the same attention. Sean gives Cody's throat as much as he can handle and does the same when Cody offers up his hole and he slowly enters him and stretches him out. Sean finds Cody adapts well to his cock and takes control fucking him. Sean picks him up for [more....]


Damien Grey Damien Grey
Jordan Starr Jordan Starr
Daniel Evans Daniel Evans
Matthew Cooper Matthew Cooper
Diego Sans Diego Sans
Greyson Myles Greyson Myles
Tristan Hunter Tristan Hunter
Cody Seiya Cody Seiya
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Evan Knoxx Evan Knoxx
Trevor Brooks Trevor Brooks
Lane Colten Lane Colten
Sean Xavier Sean Xavier

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